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As we kick off 2024, we revisited our blog posts published in 2023 to see what marketing and advertising content resonated most with our audience. Check out our most-viewed direct mail marketing, digital marketing, industry, consumer and media trends content from We look forward to bringing you more insights in 2024!

No. 1: Rural Marketing: 14 Things to Know About the Rural Consumer – Mspark – Consumers in small cities and towns and rural communities comprise over 20% of the U.S. population today. Nearly 70% of rural Americans believe their values differ from those of urban Americans, a distinction marketers should factor in when building a strategy to reach this valuable audience.

No. 2: Bank Marketing: Target the 61 Million Unbanked & Underbanked Individuals to Acquire New Customers – Mspark – More than one in four households (28.3%) are either unbanked or underbanked, conducting all or some of their financial transactions outside of the mainstream banking system. This audience of 61 million individuals presents a significant bank marketing opportunity for U.S. banks and financial institutions to acquire new customers.

No. 3: As Newspaper Coverage Dwindles, Strategic Marketers Leverage Proven Direct Mail Marketing + Digital Tactics – Mspark – Coverage for newspaper advertising products continued to decline in 2023, with 83 newspaper closures during the first quarter (a trend that continued throughout the year), leading marketers to choose direct mail to manage audience attention and drive them to action.

No. 4: Convert Website Visitors into New Customers with Website Retargeting Powered by Direct Mail – Mspark – A staggering 98% of website visitors leave without completing a transaction. Research estimates 90% of those are potential new customers.* Reengage website visitors and convert them into customers with a website retargeting strategy that can match approximately 65% of those casual site visitors to a postal name and address (while suppressing your existing customers).

No. 5: Increase Impact and Gain Measurable Results with Digital Marketing Tactics – Mspark – Advertisers often buy into a new digital marketing strategy without a true partner to walk them through exactly what they purchased, what type of return to expect on their investment, or reporting that gives them visibility into campaign effectiveness. A digital advertising strategy that drives results for your business is capable of pinpoint targeting your best potential customers while optimizing campaigns, reporting results, and measuring attribution.

No. 6: Pet Retail Marketing: Understand Pet Owner Purchasing Behavior to Acquire New Customers – Mspark – The pet supplies industry continues to feel the impact of rising prices and product shortages. Adapt your pet retail marketing strategy to engage pet owners as they adjust their shopping habits to find their preferred brands, while seeking the best value for their money.

No. 7: Email Marketing: Accelerate Customer Growth by Reaching the Right People to Drive Results – Mspark – Consumer preferences and purchase behaviors are more diverse than ever before. Businesses who adapt their strategy to reach the right people frequently and create awareness/generate interest drive results more efficiently. Find your look-alike customers and grow your business with an acquisition email strategy that drives new customer engagement with unmatched efficiency and ROI.

No. 8: Restaurant Marketing: 7 Reasons Celebrating with Your Customers Can Build Traffic & Long-term Loyalty – Mspark – Restaurants are a popular destination for life’s celebrations. If you’re not engaging with consumers to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, you are missing an opportunity to not only drive more traffic, but to build loyal, long-term customers. Here are 7 reasons why celebrations should be part of your restaurant marketing and advertising strategy.

No. 9: Our Top 4 Gym Marketing Tips for 2024 – Mspark – January may be the busiest month of the year for gym and fitness centers. But how can you acquire new members for the long term? Read our top 4 tips for 2024 to build a strategy that will engage your most valuable audience and drive new memberships.

No. 10: 2023 USPS Research: Marketing Mail Gains Attention and Engagement – Mspark – USPS research released in 2023 shows that marketing and advertising mail continues to be an effective media channel for gaining consumer attention and engagement across age groups and business categories. Here are 10 key takeaways that can guide you in developing the mail component of your marketing strategy.

We hope you’ve found some helpful tips and insights in this marketing and advertising recap of 2023. Follow us on LinkedIn and bookmark our blog for more fresh content during 2024!