The Average Consumer Spends 7 Hours Per Day on Internet-Connected Screens

Cost Effectively Increase Brand Awareness and Drive Traffic

Display ads that are delivered to connected devices (mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers) within targeted households. 

Display ads can be integrated with your mail campaigns, amplifying reach, frequency & campaign performance.

  • Highly targeted, static or animated ads
  • Ads served on various device types
  • Household level targeting

Source:, March 2023

Target Consumers Based on Their Online Activity

Behavioral tactics enable you to target consumers based on their online activity and deliver ads customized to where they are in the purchase cycle.  

With behavioral data, we can target:

  • People who visit websites that are categorically relevant to your business
  • People who are searching for or reading content related to what you offer
  • People who have visited your website with ads delivered via display
    and/or video

Target Consumers Based on Defined Locations

Leverage mobile advertising technology that targets consumers with ads based on defined locations they have recently visited.  

With location-based data, we can target:

  • People who are visiting your competitors or other audience rich locations (including events & landmarks)
  • People who have visited your store or are loyalty members

Target Consumers Based on Demographic Data

Target households that possess key demographic attributes that match your ideal audience.  Demographic data is generated from offline purchase behavior, public data, & self-reported data, and is a powerful, efficient way to reach your ideal prospects.

With demographic data, we can target consumers whose demographic data and/or offline purchase history is that of your ideal prospect.

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