Learn How Rural Consumers Can
Increase Your Bottom Line

Forty-eight percent of responders to a 2020 Gallup survey indicated living in a rural area or small town would be ideal, an increase of 9% over the previous survey in 2018. Because people are re-thinking how and where they work and live, the opportunity to grow market share in rural America is stronger than ever before. 

When the percentage of Americans working from home doubled in during the pandemic in 2020, it became clear that the growing appeal of small-town lifestyle was contributing to urban population declines and real household growth across a host of rural cities and towns. 

While there is abundant data in rural geographies to support healthy expansion initiatives across a growing range of verticals, savvy marketers are discovering that getting to know these often-misunderstood consumers—how they differ from urban consumers in shopping patterns, behaviors, and media consumption—is tantamount to their success. 

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Who They Are

Learn about their demographics, values and migration to rural living

Importance of the Rural Audience

Rural Purchasing Behavior

Discover their rising economic power, shopping patterns & response to inflation

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How They’re Different From Urban Consumers

Understand key differences in values, needs and responses to media

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