91% of Consumers Want to See More Online Video Content from Brands

More than 95% of U.S. households utilize streaming services, and 69% have more than one. OTT/CTV advertising enables advertisers to reach these streaming consumers who are no longer reachable via traditional TV advertising. Reach this audience via streaming ads that appear on streaming platforms.

Target Consumers Streaming Across All Connected Devices

OTT and CTV is powered by audience targeting on big and small screens and is the most impactful way to deliver turnkey video ads to specific audiences. OTT/CTV ads can be integrated with your mail campaigns, amplifying reach, frequency & performance.

OTT (Over The Top) is a term that covers the delivery of how the content is served. With OTT, your ad is delivered to consumers through downloaded apps (HGTV, ESPN, Bravo, etc.)

CTV (Connected TV) advertising is delivered to consumers through internet-connected television such as smart TVs, gaming consoles or streaming devices.

An Average Internet User Devotes 33%
of Their Internet Time to Watching Videos

  • Reach consumers streaming on all screens down to the household level
  • Non-skippable inventory
  • Ability to exclude linear TV subscribers from addressable campaigns
  • Average video completion rate of 98%

Target Consumers Across Premium Publishers With Pre-Roll Video Ads

Pre-roll video ads appear before free video content from countless publishers like local news sites, CNN, Forbes, ESPN and many more. They are delivered across all apps, desktop and mobile web browsers. Pre-roll ads engage your target audience because your ad appears before video content they’re interested in and have chosen to watch.

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Increases brand awareness, ad recall & purchase consideration
  • Ads are served to users on premium publishers & mobile apps
  • Highly targeted at the household level
  • Average completion rate of 65%-75%

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