As Newspaper Coverage Dwindles, Strategic Marketers Leverage Proven Direct Mail Marketing + Digital Tactics

Newspaper Coverage Continues to Shrink, Strategic Marketers Leverage Proven Direct Mail Marketing + Digital Tactics


Coverage for newspaper advertising products continues to decline in 2023, with 83 newspaper closures so far this year (370+ since 2019), leading marketers to choose direct mail to fill the gaps.

As circulation decreases, the influence of newspapers continues to shrink, and marketers have come to rely on growing print formats like direct mail to manage customer attention (an average shelf life of 17 days), increase brand recall (up to 30% higher than digital ads), and to drive the target audience to action (including online activity)1.

Did you know? Coupons, advertising inserts, and direct mail out-perform newspaper advertising by a significant margin across 10 major business categories.

In fact, nearly 60% of former newspaper subscribers have responded to ads or coupons in the mailbox in the past 12 months3.

Media Influence on Consumer Purchases – Average for All Categories2


*Media channels supported by Mspark
 “Average of All Categories” provides the average media influence calculated using these 10 categories: Apparel, Beauty Products, Car/Truck, Dining Out, Electronics, Financial Services/Insurance, Grocery, Home Improvement, Medicine and Telecom.

Mspark is uniquely qualified to respond to newspapers’ exits from your target markets. Our coverage map above shows areas where our coverage can replace lost newspaper coverage.

Mspark’s monthly delivery is driven by our rural audience. We help you identify consumers in eliminated newspaper coverage areas and then target them down to the household level with direct mail campaigns and complementary digital campaigns.

Why add digital campaigns to boost your direct mail?

Former newspaper subscribers have responded to ads across multiple digital channels in the past 12 months:

  • 45% have responded to an internet banner ad3
  • 43% have responded to a pre-roll video ad3
  • 44% have responded to a streaming TV ad3

These targeted multi-channel campaigns also increase new customer traffic from areas that were never included in newspaper coverage.

Amplify Results with Coordinated Media Campaigns

Coordinated digital media exposure extends reach and frequency of your print campaigns to create a truly powerful 1-2 punch to drive results.

  • Direct mail prompts consumers to go online: 60% of consumers have visited a brand’s website after receiving direct mail4.
  • Integrating digital with direct mail increases program performance as much as 28% vs. direct mail alone5.
  • 58% of rural consumers are influenced by mailbox delivered print and digital channels when making purchase decisions6.

To learn more about the benefits of coordinated campaigns anchored by direct mail, reach out today to connect with an expert.

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