These are the questions we are asked most often. Not seeing your question? Reach out anytime! We’re here to help.

What is the coverage area?

Mspark has the capability to reach 116 million U.S. households each month through shared mail advertising and 2.3 billion unique devices via complementary digital campaigns. Through our partnership with the ANNE Network, we can cover the entire United States with a combination of solo and shared mail. Looking to reach a specific area? Reach out today for more specific coverage information!

What targeting capabilities do you have?

Our Strategic Analytics team brings together many types of data to create a much more insightful view of your customers than a geography-based mailing list. They create a mailing profile that tells you who your best customers are, where they live, what they like, and where you can find prospects that most resemble your customers. In other words, we have the ability to target your current and potential customers all the way down to the household level. For even more detailed information about our targeting capabilities, please visit our Data Analysis and Targeting page.

Do you partner with advertising agencies?

Absolutely! We work with advertising agencies of all sizes. We strategize with account teams on specific client challenges, provide data-driven media recommendations, position your agency as subject matter experts on integrated advertising, provide resources and worry-free execution of shared direct mail campaigns.

Do you run preprints/camera ready artwork in your package?

Yes, we do! If you already have a direct mail piece designed and printed, we can put your business in our shared direct mail package, which will save you money when compared to solo direct mail options. Learn more about our preprinted insert distribution here.

What is included the cost?

Our all-inclusive pricing rates include design, printing, postage, and shipping so there are no hidden fees in our process.

How are you delivered? Are you a part of the newspaper or inserted into the newspaper?

Our products are delivered as a complete shared mail package via the USPS directly to residential mailboxes.

How do you measure a campaign’s response?

Our Strategic Analytics team can analyze post-promotion data and deliver actionable data solutions to help you refine your message, improve mailing profiles, and increase your advertising return on investment. Some of the ways we can measure results is by coupon usage, year over year sales, month over month sales, units sold of a promotional item, or counting the customers that responded from the mailing profile.

Do you have print minimums on your products?

Yes, in order to maintain a low cost for our customers, we do have print minimums for each product. They are as follows:

Impact Postcard – 10,000 print minimum.

Targeted Print and Mail Products – 15,000 print minimum.

Wraps – The Wrap is a little different since it is a saturation product. The only minimum on the Wrap is reserving at least one entire market or Wrap zone.

Can I mail to just a certain neighborhood?

With our targeting capabilities, we can identify the best possible households, neighborhoods, carrier routes, split zip codes, full zip codes, and more. The one thing to keep in mind is that we do have print minimums (located in the proceeding Q&A) on our products, so those minimums must be met with your order.

Which insert size or product type gets the best results?

The answer to this will vary based on several factors. What is your strategy? How often are you going to mail? What type of product or service are you promoting? What types of offer or offers do you plan on communicating? The good news is that you will have a dedicated direct mail expert that will ask all of these questions (and more) to give you the correct answer about which product will work best for the results you are wanting to achieve. They will also be able to share with you what product yielded the best results in your marketplace in the past for your specific needs.

Does Mspark print and/or provide design services?

Absolutely. Our all-inclusive pricing rates include design, printing, postage, and shipping so there are no hidden fees in our process. In fact, we have an award-winning design department who just received another round of awards from a national design competition. Check our our design gallery for inspiration.

Can I mail just 1 time to test it out and then add frequency and get a discount?

While you can mail as little or as much as you like, we do suggest that you mail a minimum of 3 times in order to get a true gauge of your mailing’s success. Why, you may ask? It’s because direct mail is like any other marketing medium in that you need repeated exposure to gain a customer or prospect’s attention.

Over the years, we have been able to show that frequency (mailing more than once) is a big factor in your campaign’s success. Check out our Case Studies section and you will see that frequency is a part of a good campaign strategy, no matter what the business category.

Do I have to send out a coupon?

There are many different ways you can utilize our shared mail products other than delivering coupons. Some other uses are as follows: announce a new product or service, promote a grand opening or relocation, feature limited time offers, send out loyalty and acquisition messages, and competitive blunting just to name a few.

No matter what kind of offer or message you choose to send, make it a strong one. In our experience, the stronger the offer, the better your results. Over advertising experts are here to help with your messaging and offers.

What is your frequency?

Most of our markets receive our shared mail package on a monthly basis. There are some exceptions, however, and we do have the ability to create custom programs based on a customer’s needs. When clients need to be able to communicate with customers quickly, our Quick Connect program offers the ability to reach homes within 2-3 business days. We also offer solo mail options. Learn more about our advertising options here.

How does Boost work?  

The integrated Boost solution targets shared mail and digital ads at the household level. Leveraging the same list of households to target, the digital ads start 1-2 days prior to the planned print in-home date. The display ads run for a total of 10 days, extending the reach and frequency of the message.  Learn more about our integrated advertising solutions here

Which Mspark solutions can be paired with Boost?

The Boost solution can be integrated with all of Mspark’s advertising solutions, including shared mail and direct mail options. Learn more about our integrated advertising solutions here.