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Mspark’s Solo Mail solution differs from our shared mail solutions in that only one advertiser is featured, and traditional direct mail costs are covered entirely by one advertiser. It is ideal when a delivery date outside the regular shared mail delivery date is needed to support a special event, and it is often a fit for delivery to a very specific, niched audience. While these solo products can be more expensive, we offer a variety of sizes featuring your business that can mail on any date. 

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Strategic Applications

Why choose Solo Direct Mail? 

  • Date alignment – you need to mail outside the regular monthly delivery window of our shared mail package 
  • Niched target audiences – you have a specific list of targets or other special parameters 
  • No shared mail coverage – your target audience is not in the shared mail coverage area 

Special events such as grand openings: Be in your consumer’s mailbox within a few days of your grand opening or other big event. Solo direct mail products give you the ability to choose your in-home date when our shared mail distribution doesn’t align. 

Eliminate waste for clients with niched target audiences who won’t benefit from a general brand awareness message. Industries like pool supply companies are a great example of those who won’t benefit from saturation mailings. 

Increase advertising frequency in markets where shared mail only runs on end-of-month dates. If your company needs to be in the mailbox every week, we can combine your Shared Mail campaign with a Solo Direct Mail campaign to maximize your coverage and reduce costs. 

Solo Mail Options

We offer solo direct mail postcards in several sizes that provide solutions for all client types and messages. Our solo mail targeting options help you target your best audience whether you mail to specific lists or saturate at the route level to save on postage. We can also offer these postcards in conjunction with a shared mail campaign to make the most of your advertising budget. Our solo mail postcards come in the following sizes: 

Basic Postcard

Piece Size: 8.5″x5″

Standard Postcard

Piece Size: 8.5″x11″

Value Postcard 

Piece Size: 11″x5.67″

Oversize Postcard 

Piece Size: 11″x15″ 

We also offer circular distribution and can mail your circular to potential and loyal customers in the same mailing or stick to a single list mailing if you have a smaller niched audience you want to hit with this larger advertisement. Our standalone circular acts as a brochure flyer with multiple pages to promote various products and promotions. Design services are included, should you need help creating your printed piece. 

Tri-fold Circular

Piece Size: 17″x11″ folded to 5.75″x11

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