How Rural Consumers’ Values
Differ from Urban Consumers

The first step in engaging Rural Consumers is to acknowledge that their needs are not typically the same as general-market consumers. The divide is felt more distinctly in rural areas, where consumers feel more separated and less understood, particularly by marketers. 

Nearly 70% of rural Americans believe their values are different than urban Americans, a distinction marketers should factor in when building a marketing strategy to reach this valuable audience. 

Source: The Washington Post1 

Source: Pew Research Center 

They Respond to Media Differently

Understanding that advertising strategies which drive results for urban consumers may fail to engage consumers in small towns and rural communities is crucial to success in these markets. Brands who focus on digital advertising strategies need to understand the difference in media access and shopping behavior in order to compete. 

  • Rural Consumers are less digitally driven; they are active online 11% less often than urban residents on a daily basis. 
  • Despite a 9% increase in home broadband adoption since 2016, rural residents are still less likely than those living in suburban areas to report having home broadband. 2 

Rural Consumers are less likely to use digital coupons because they still prefer traditional print options, and because coupon sites like Groupon and Living Social are targeted to large metro areas and not as relevant for rural residents. 

Economic Fluctuations Impact Rural Consumers Differently 

Consumers in small and rural markets are impacted by inflation 9% more than their urban counterparts, which affects their spending and shopping behavior. 

Rural Consumers are 5% more likely than urban consumers to decrease their overall spending as prices rise. 

These small-market consumers are more price and budget conscious and hungry for deals and value, making them 21% more likely to use more coupons than urban consumers.3 

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Reach Rural Consumers 

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