We Use Data to Create Your
Optimal Customer Profile

Audience Targeting

Targeting your best customers for any given mailing is crucial to the success of your campaign. 

Our team pulls data from a wide range of sources, and then they translate that data into easy-to-understand information that reveals who the best audience is for your message. They also use business category knowledge gained over time to include relevant insights in our reporting.  

Data Sources

We bring together as many types of data as possible to create an insightful view of your customers.
We use predictive data and client data to create your optimal mailing profile.

Census Data:  
  • 1,600+ demographic variables, including age, ethnicity, income, home value, home ownership, and household size. 
Consumer Expenditures:  
  • 1,400+ variables, providing data for expenditures on goods and services in the marketplace.   
  • Examples include staples like pet food, apparel, insurance, transportation, and frequently purchased items, like food and beverage at home and in eating places; housekeeping supplies and services; nonprescription drugs; and most personal care products and services. 
Behavioral Data:
  • 3,200+ variables, providing attitudinal and behavioral data points, gathered through ongoing surveys and passive measurement.  
  • It allows us to understand not only what types of products and services people spend money on, but also what types of brands they choose and where they purchase products.   
  • MRI data can provide deeper insights into the “why” behind consumer behavior. 
Lifestyle Segmentation
  • Tapestry Segmentation breaks US neighborhoods into demographic and socioeconomic segments.   
  • There are 67 distinct market segments, 14 LifeMode groups, and 6 Urbanization groups. 
Geographic Mapping & Profiling System:  
  • Mapping and targeting system used to create maps, obtain proximity to stores, and identify high-potential neighborhoods. 
  • Create trade area coverage based on radius, customer driven trade area, drive-time, and much more.   
  • Ability to target ZIPs, Sub-ZIPs, Carrier Routes, households and individuals for full US. 
Life Event Data:  
  • Connect with consumers during major life events.   
  • There are 12 trigger events, including New Mover, Pre-Mover, Pre-Natal, New Baby, Newly Engaged, Newly Married, Birthday, Anniversary, New Business Commercial/Residential, Existing Business.  
  • Quick Connect New Mover Sell Sheet.pdf 
Client-Provided Data:  
  • Customer data can range from simply address data to addresses with transaction level data, including sales information.   
  • From this data we can gain insights by performing customer penetration analysis and/or sales and coupon redemption analysis. 

How It Works

Strategic Data Analytics & Insights Inform Business Decisions

How It Works

Measurement & Reporting

Measuring Campaign Success through Post-Campaign Analytics and Comprehensive Dashboard Reporting

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