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Targeted Inserts

Drive ROI & reach consumers effectively with Mspark’s Targeted Inserts. Our data analysis & targeting capabilities identify those consumers most likely to do business with you. 

Benefits for your business:
  • Cost-effective
  • Stand-alone piece
  • Multiple size options
  • Targeting capabilities
  • All-inclusive price for design, printing, postage and delivery

Strategic Applications

Traffic Driver
Expand Brand Awareness
Grand Openings
Targeting Capabilities

Targeted Insert Options

Our stand-alone Targeted Inserts allow you to showcase multiple promotions, products or services.  

With 6 different size options available, our advertising experts will be happy to help you determine the most effective piece size based on the message and products or services you want to feature. 

Value Sheet
Piece Size: 5 x11
Standard Sheet
Piece Size: 8.5 x11
Slim Jim
Piece Size: 4 x 12
Oversize Sheet
Piece Size: 10 x 11.5
4 Page Insert
Piece Size: 16 x 10
Oversize 4 Page Insert
Piece Size: 11 x 21


Grow Your Market Share With Targeted Inserts

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