Increase Impact and Gain Measurable Results with Digital Marketing Tactics

A digital marketing strategy that drives results for your business is capable of pinpoint targeting your best potential customers while optimizing campaigns, reporting results, and measuring attribution.

Increase Impact and Gain Measurable Results with Digital Advertising

Advertisers often buy into a new digital marketing strategy without a true partner to walk them through exactly what they purchased, what type of return to expect on their investment, or reporting that gives them visibility into campaign effectiveness.

A digital advertising strategy that drives results for your business is capable of pinpoint targeting your best potential customers while optimizing campaigns, reporting results, and measuring attribution.

Learn three key components to a digital advertising strategy that targets your best potential customers with measurable results.

Win Back Your Website Traffic

You invest time and resources into driving traffic to your website, but the fact is, 97% of first-time visitors to your website leave without taking action.1

Website retargeting allows advertisers to target website visitors with ads to remind them of your brand and bring them back, a tactic that can bring back as much as 26% of your traffic1.

Looking to drive physical traffic to store locations? Drive traffic to your website to drive traffic to stores:

  • Getting consumers to your website increases the likelihood that they will walk through your doors. It’s called “ROBO,” or “research online, buy offline,” and at least 86% of consumers do it1.

Mspark’s website retargeting capability goes beyond targeting a predefined demographic to targeting specific consumer behaviors. While website retargeting only reaches consumers who already visit your website—what about consumers who have never heard of your business?

  • Search Retargeting – This tactic tracks the digital breadcrumbs that individuals leave behind when they type keywords into search boxes.
  • Keyword contextual retargeting reads the keywords of web pages the target audience visits, and it becomes part of a consumer’s digital breadcrumb profile.
  • Geofencing – 90% of people keep their location services turned on. So that means there’s plenty of data to collect and plenty of users to target based on physical locations visited1.

A Custom-Built Audience of Your Best Potential Customers

Your audience is not going to be the same as anyone else’s. It’s going to be your keywords, your website visitors, your geofences that you choose—customized just for you.

Did you know?

  • The majority of internet activity is now being conducted on mobile devices: 7 out of every 10 hours spent on the web are on mobile devices.
  • Average time spent on Google is 16 minutes, 21 seconds per day2 (up from 8 minutes in 2018)
  • Average time of people being online is up to 6 hours, 37 minute per day in 20223 (up from 6 hours in )

As your target audience surfs the web, they are targeted with ads as they go about their day and interact with their connected devices. This puts your ads in front of:

  • People who go to your website and then leave.
  • People who are searching for the products and services that you sell.
  • People who are reading content that is relevant to your industry.
  • People who visit locations in the real world, such as your competitors.

Measurable Results

Reporting features, along with campaign insights reports, help to paint a picture of exactly who is receiving your ads, where they are receiving them, and how they are interacting with them, reinforcing your ability to maximize the relevance of your campaigns.

Here are several of the reports Mspark can provide for display, audio, video, and CTV ads:

  • Keyword level reporting
  • Domain level reporting
  • Device-level reporting
  • Impression reporting
  • Click through rate and view through rate reports
  • Completion rate reporting
  • Pause and mute event reporting
  • Full screen event reporting
  • Conversion reporting – both online and offline
  • Multi-location conversion reporting
  • Zip+4 level reporting, and more.

Reach out today to plan an impactful digital advertising strategy that increases reach and response with measurable results.

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