Our Top 4 Gym Marketing Tips for 2024


With the holidays and the end of the year approaching fast, now is the time to plan your gym marketing strategy for the new year. Read our top 4 tips for 2024 to build a strategy that will engage your most valuable audience and drive new memberships.

Number 1: Identify your highest-value target consumer

Most gym members’ household income is $75K+. 50% of members stay active because they like the location. More than half are female.

Ensure the most accurate mailing profile by leveraging a variety of data sources to build a complete profile of your ideal customer: from census and Bureau of Labor Statistics to consumer behavior, geographic, demographic, to name a few.

Digital targeting to the household level enables you to connect with consumers whose activity fits your ideal customer profile, such as: individuals who recently visited a gym site, read an article online about weight loss, browsed your website, visited your location or a competitor’s location, or fit your desired demographic profile.

Number 2: Engage your target audience with gym marketing across print and digital channels to increase reach and response

  • 60% of consumers are driven to online activity after receiving direct mail.
  • 62% of consumers are influenced by mailbox-delivered print and digital channels when making purchases.
  • Direct mail favored across generations : 62% of Gen Z, 56% of Millennials, 63% of Gen X, and 63% of Boomers.
  • 68% of consumers check their mail daily.
  • The average consumer spends 7 hours daily on internet-connected screens.

Number 3: Target new movers, a valuable audience for fitness centers

  • New movers are 5X more likely to become long-term clients.
  • 90% of movers are willing to try new brands.
  • 62% of gym members responded to ads or offers in their mailbox in the past 12 months.
  • 47% of movers choose their fitness center provider before moving. Another 23% make their decision within the first 30 days of moving.
  • Reach movers in 4-5 days, compared to other programs which can take 14+ days to reach your target audience.

Number 4: Elevate engagement with acquisition email

  • Adding email to direct mail creates a 28% lift over single-channel campaigns.
  • Deliver to the consumer’s most responsive email address with 100% user opt-in with the ability to calculate true open rates.

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