We Use Analytics to
Maximize Your Campaign’s Results

Campaign Performance

We optimize campaigns through post-campaign analytics. Our team analyzes post-promotion data and delivers actionable data solutions to help clients refine their message, improve mailing profiles, and increase return on your advertising investment. We can measure campaign performance through audience metrics, media type, location, and more.  

Foot Traffic Studies

Foot traffic studies help you understand the trade area around your location(s), store visitors, and competitor’s visitors. Compare these data sets to understand households in the trade area that shop at your store, that shop at a competitor’s store, or cross-shops at both. 

Matchback Analysis

A matchback analysis will identify your customers from a specific period and compare them to the media used for a particular campaign to create a database of matches. You can determine which media was the most successful using leads generated, orders placed, etc. 

Media Channel Performance

We provide you with customized reports on digital and email campaign performances.  

Comprehensive Dashboard Reporting

Our innovative dashboard reporting provides campaign data and metrics.

How It Works

Strategic Data Analytics & Insights Inform Business Decisions

Planning & Targeting

Data Sources & Tools

Strategic Data Analytics & Insights Inform Business Decisions

Data Sources & Tools