Connecting Brands with Rural Consumers 

Mspark is headquartered near Birmingham, Alabama, which is one of the many rural markets we serve across America. Since our founding, our focus has always been helping our clients align their marketing spend with the potential of their target audience. We do that with a proven methodology that leverages data to pinpoint not only the highest-value target audience, but the media channels most likely to engage them based on their geography, demographics, and purchasing behavior.  

Who We Work With 

The Mspark portfolio of 3,000+ clients includes both large national brands and small, local businesses within restaurant, retail, financial, insurance, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, telecom, e-commerce, home services, and other categories.

A Trusted Partner for Top Brands

Our proven track record of success has earned Mspark a reputation as a trusted partner in a wide variety of industries.

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Why Choose Mspark?

Mspark leverages the most up-to-date consumer data across every rural market we serve to create measurable campaigns with predictable results. This enables our clients to maximize their marketing budgets and efficiently generate profitable growth within this often overlooked marketplace. 

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