Mspark delivers highly targeted, integrated advertising solutions to help drive new and existing customers to your business.

Leverage the power of an integrated advertising approach.

By partnering with Mspark, you gain advertising experts who are familiar with your unique business needs.

We offer full service data analytics, design, print, postage, delivery, and reporting for all of our shared mail, trigger marketing, direct mail, and digital advertising solutions.

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Mspark By The Numbers


National and Local Clients


Years of Experience


Reachable Households

“We learned through shared mail that if the offer is strong enough, consumers will come. We only expected an average return of 3%. When it jumped to 16%, we were amazed!”

Milo's Hamburger Franchise

“Our results with the Impact Postcard with variable imaging are going very, very well and we will continue to use the postcards.”

National Telecom Company

“Customers came into our store with the Mspark mailer in-hand, ready to make a purchase!”

Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Retailer

“Last month was our busiest in 7 years. When asked what contributed to the increase in sales, Mspark was my answer!”

National Pizza Partner

“We see Mspark as a true partner. They help us find our best prospects so we can focus our marketing efforts there.”

Specialty Retail Partner

“You expect these kind of numbers (800 new members from one mailing) from a new location, but we were very pleased for an established gym like this one to recruit this many members!”

Planet Fitness Franchisee

“Mspark’s targeting expertise and local representation has contributed to the success of our program. We have a solid grasp on where our customers live and how far they travel to our locations. We’re able to maximize our advertising dollars by pinpointing our most profitable zip codes.”

Pet Supplies Plus Owner

“Mspark’s program reaches rural geography that is very challenging to reach with other print media and it delivers a higher response and a higher value customer. They consistently partner with us to reach untapped markets and achieve better efficiencies.”

Media Agency Partner

“Phenomenal results! Our Mspark campaign drove over 30,000 new subscribers last month.”

Communications Provider

“Our lines were out the door for this sale.”

Home Furniture Store Owner

“March was my busiest month in seven years. Corporate asked what contributed to the increase in sales and Mspark was my answer!”

Mazzio’s Franchisee

“The key for me is to hit hard with Mspark for my Grand Openings while following up with offers to entice new customers while also keeping existing customers from moving to the competition.”

Great Clips Franchisee

“Mspark’s shared mail program helps us increase store traffic each month by reaching homeowners that no longer subscribe to the newspaper. We look forward to another successful partnership with Mspark.”

Floor & Decor Franchisee