76% of Consumers Find
New Products Via Targeted Digital Ads

The key to a marketing strategy that drives results is identifying and engaging
your most relevant audience—consumers most likely to do business with you.

With our Boost Digital Solutions,
we help you identify high-value audiences
by leveraging three types of data:
  • Behavioral Data, generated from a consumer’s internet activity 
  • Location Data, generated from a consumer’s offline actions based on locations visited 
  • Demographic Data, generated from offline purchase behavior, public data, and self-reported data 

With our acquisition email solution, Equire, we are able to build your relevant audience by combining consumers’ mobile behaviors.

When the relevant audience is identified, Mspark partners with you to craft and execute a customized media strategy utilizing a variety of digital advertising solutions, including online display ads, pre-roll video ads, CTV/OTT ads, as well as email.

Source: Targeted Advertising Statistics and Trends in 2023, GITNUX

Get started targeting your best customers with digital ads

Display Advertising

Delivered to devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops/desktops) within targeted households

Display Advertising

OTT/CTV and Pre-roll Video Advertising

Ads delivered to your audience’s laptops, mobile devices and internet-connected tv’s

Pre-roll Video & OTT/CTV

Acquisition Email

Campaigns that drive new customer engagement with unmatched efficiency and ROI

Acquisition Email
Drive results by engaging your most relevant audience with digital advertising