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A Cornerstone of Any Marketing Strategy

Advertising mail is a cornerstone of any marketing strategy for its personalization, longevity, open rates, and response rates. In the past 3 months, 62% of consumers who responded to direct mail made a purchase. It is your pipeline to new customers.

Mspark’s Shared Mail Solutions


Market Saturation
High Visibility
Multi-Location Coverage

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Targeted Inserts

Highly Targeted
Multiple Size Options
Two-Sided, Full Color

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Impact Postcard

Stand-Alone Piece
Highly Targeted
Variable Image Options

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Preprint Distribution

Highly Targeted
Client Provides Insert
Flexible Sizes

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Mspark’s Direct Mail Solutions

Trigger Marketing

Speed to Market
High Visibility
Personalized, Standalone Postcard

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Solo Direct Mail

Flexible Mailing Dates
High Visibility
Highly Targeted

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Direct Mail Retargeting

High-Intent Consumer Targeting
Personalized, Standalone Postcard
Privacy Compliant

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Shared Mail

With shared mail, several advertisements are combined in one mail package with advertisers sharing the postage cost to lower the overall investment. 

  • Broader market coverage 
  • Target consumers in high-value geography
  • All-inclusive price for design, printing, postage, and delivery 

Direct Mail

Along with offering shared mail solutions, we offer direct mail advertising solutions in which yours is the only business featured on your mail piece. These direct mail marketing solutions include: 

  • Quick Connect trigger-based solution 
  • Solo mail solution 
  • Convert Direct Mail Retargeting 

Benefits for your business: 

  • Highly targeted 
  • Personalized 
  • Builds brand loyalty and recall 
  • Measurable results 
  • Quick, flexible turnaround time 
  • High response rates 

Source: Retail Wire 2022 

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