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Advertising Solutions

Our Integrated Advertising Solutions Increase Response & ROI

We offer a variety of integrated advertising and marketing solutions that build a powerful marketing mix to increase response and ROI for all types of business needs. Our solutions include shared mail products, direct mail products, trigger-based marketing programs, and digital advertising solutions—all supported by data analysis and targeting along with award-winning graphic design.

An integrated multi-channel marketing campaign pairs any of our shared or direct mail products with our digital solutions and delivers a digital ad to your target households, setting the stage for the arrival of the printed marketing piece in their mailbox. This multichannel approach increases frequency, measures foot traffic, and amplifies your message, resulting in increased response. 

Keep reading to see how we can help you grow your business. Visit our solutions pages below for more details or reach out and we’ll be happy to help! 

Shared Mail Marketing

Mspark’s shared mail solutions include the Wrap, Targeted Insert, and Impact Postcard, as well as Preprinted Insert Distribution. 

Wrap Solution

Our Wrap Solution is a high-visibility shared mail advertising solution that puts your business front and center to promote your brand and showcase your products. This cost-effective saturation product enables you to reach an entire market at a minimum cost.

Targeted Insert Solution

Targeted Inserts give you the flexibility to meet your business needs and budget requirements while targeting the customers most likely to do business with you. Inserts allow you the flexibility to showcase as many (or few) products or services as you need in a single mailing. 

Impact Postcard Solution

The high-visibility Impact Postcard mails outside of our shared mail package and produces solo mail results at a fraction of the cost. This shared mail solution ensures your message will reach your target audience in a professional and personalized manner.

Preprinted Insert Solution

Our Preprinted Insert Solution allows you to target your best customers from the full market of 116+ million households all the way down to the carrier route level. Add your preprinted insert or advertising circular to our shared direct mail package and save money compared to other direct mail options. 

Direct Mail Solution

The Direct Mail options are designed to drive traffic and results while featuring your business alone. These solutions include our trigger-based marketing postcards, new mover marketing postcards, and solo mail advertising options. 

Trigger-based Marketing Solution

Our trigger-based marketing solution enables you to reach your target customers with print and digital ads quickly, within just 2-3 days. This fast-to-market integrated solution can target consumers down to the household level before the competition.

Boost Advertising Solution

Boost your results! Incorporate digital ads with any of our print solutions to expand the reach and frequency while measuring foot traffic and online conversions.

Data Analysis & Targeting

Our Strategic Analytics team brings together many types of data to create a much more insightful view of your customers than a geography-based mailing list, eliminating waste and increasing ROI. We also analyze post-promotion data to optimize future campaign results.

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