Marketing Strategies to Gain New Customers and Lower Cost Per Acquisition

In the communications services industry, the urban market grows increasingly saturated with service providers competing against one another for slivers of market share. The race for acquisition in small, yet lucrative, non-urban markets where broadband is newly available may offer a greater opportunity for providers to increase their footprint.

A strategic marketing mix grounded by efficient targeting and regular profile optimization, along with choreographed messaging across multiple touch points, maximizes reach and response while lowering overall cost per lead and cost per call.

Mspark provides insight into your specific target audience to help you make the best allocation of your advertising budget to develop a coordinated media strategy that drives results and ROI. We use data to create quality maps to assist our customers in visualizing where their best customers are located and identify how they can best reach them. This optimization helps you connect with the right consumers.

Target Your Audience

Leverage the Most Effective Media to
Influence Purchase Decisions

As consumers make purchase decisions, they engage with a variety of advertising media. Below is the percentage of influence print and digital media types have on communications purchases in rural markets and across the U.S.

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Increase reach among your target consumers to boost engagement and response by leveraging the most effective channels.

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Engage Your Audience Like Never Before

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Multichannel Marketing to Cost-Effectively Drive
New Customer Acquisition

Increase awareness of your communications brand to cost-effectively acquire new customers by pairing direct mail with digital components. Connect with the right audience and map out a marketing strategy to achieve a number of goals, including:
Accelerate new customer acquisition while driving down cost per call and cost per acquisition
Target eligible consumers as new subscribers down to the household level
Differentiate current customers and target them with loyalty & retention strategies
Integrate multicultural and bilingual strategies based on audience demographics
Retarget lost website visitors to re-engage and convert them

60% of consumers have visited a brand’s website after receiving direct mail
28% increase in performance with digital + direct mail vs. direct mail alone
58% of rural consumers are influenced by mailbox-delivered print & digital when making purchases

Sources: SG360; Historical Program Performance; Prosper Insights & Analytics MBI

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Leading telecommunications service providers across the nation place their trust in us to help them reach underserved audiences. Our proven track record of success has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.

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