Back-to-School Marketing 2023: More Lessons from 2022

Inflation and prices may be high, but they can’t drive consumers away from back-to-school shopping. 96% of consumers say they’ll shop this year, according to a recent survey from Cint1.

Shoppers start as early as July. Now is the time to plan your strategy! Here are some insights to help:

What are they shopping for?

  • 62% will shop for clothing1.
  • 72% will shop for school supplies1.

Where will they shop?

Big-box retailers seem to be a little more popular for back-to-school shopping than online retailers.

  • 59% will shop at retailers like Target and Walmart1.
  • 39% will shop on Amazon1.

How Has Their Shopping Changed?

  • Comparison shopping online: from 2021 to 2022, the percentage of back-to-school consumers shopping around online increased 13% (from 30% to 43%)2.
  • Shopping sales: 6% more consumers were shopping sales more often in 2022 compared to 20212.
  • Buying store brand/generic items 8% more than brand names in 2022 than in 20212.

What type of ads are they responding to?

Back-to-School Shoppers have responded to advertising across a variety of media channels in the past 12 months, and they are more responsive than consumers nationwide:

  • 64% have responded to a streaming TV ad (16% more than the rest of the U.S.) 3.
  • 63% have responded to ads or coupons in the mailbox (11% more than the rest of the U.S.) 3.
  • 59% have responded to a pre-roll video ad (15% more than the rest of the U.S.) 3.
  • 55% have responded to advertising inserts or circulars (11% more than the rest of the U.S.) 3.

Mspark can help you craft coordinated print and digital ads to maximize reach and frequency of your campaigns to create a truly powerful mix that drives results.

  • 60% of consumers have visited a brand’s website after receiving direct mail4.
  • Integrating digital with direct mail increases program performance as much as 28% vs. direct mail alone5.
  • 58% of rural consumers are influenced by print delivered via mail and digital tactics as they make purchase decisions6.

Reach out today to plan a back-to-school marketing strategy that will target and activate your best potential customers.

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