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Trigger-Based Marketing

Reach Your Target Customer in 2-3 days with Mspark’s Trigger-Based Quick Response Program

This fast-to-market direct mail postcard can target consumers down to the household level and reach them quickly, within just 2-3 days. Whether reacting to changing market conditions or using a mailing list to target a highly valuable audience, your message and offer are seen when it matters most around key purchasing periods.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Trigger-based marketing targets consumers with a uniquely relevant message during high spending periods triggered by major life events
  • Fast-to-market postcard and digital ads can reach your customer in 2-3 days
  • Reach a highly valuable audience by using one of our targeted list programs
  • Re-engage your customers by using a client mailing list or saturate a route to acquire new
  • Stand-alone, high quality postcard will grab attention while digital ads amplify your message with increased reach and frequency
  • Ability to run a set it and forget subscription program by using a valuable mailing list

Product Options & Inclusions

  • Measures 11” x 6″ with a full bleed
  • 9 pt cardstock lends visual weight and strength to the piece
  • Name callout and messaging variability available to increase ROI
  • Layer in your own customer data, use one of our valuable lists, or saturate an area

Design Gallery

Our national award-winning design is already included as part of our all-inclusive rate for you when you partner with Mspark.

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How Can I Use the Trigger-Based Quick Response Program?

Our trigger-based Quick Response Program can be used in many different business situations when you need to reach a specific audience very quickly. Here are some use case ideas for you to utilize Quick Response to bring traffic and sales to your business.


  • 3 million people on average get married every year
  • Housing-related costs will consume 34% of a married couple’s monthly budget


  • 75+ million people on average move every year
  • Average consumer spends more than $9,000 during a move
  • More than 70 brand decisions are made during a moving cycle
  • The fastest and most accurate mover data available


  • Approximately 4 million babies are born each year
  • New parents spend on average over $12,000 during the first year


  • Ability to respond to a fluid opening date with a fast-to-market postcard and digital display ads
  • Stand-alone high impact postcard and digital ads to invite consumers to your new location


  • Invite your best customers during a key event
  • Re-engage lapsed customers with a strong offer
  • Send appointment and service reminders
  • Remind customers of membership and contract renewals


  • Establish lasting emotional bonds with customers by inviting them to celebrate special life events with you
  • Strengthen brand loyalty with an offer during their birthday or anniversary month
  • Stronger brand loyalty increases frequency of visits and lengthens the customer lifecycle

Customer Success Stories

You have already seen some examples in our use cases of how the Quick Response Solution can increase traffic and sales for your business. Here are some more in-depth case studies to demonstrate the return on investment that can be achieved for your business.

Furniture and Bedding Retailer


A furniture and bedding company with 6 retail locations was looking to grow sales by marketing to new movers coming into their markets. Another objective was to drive more online traffic to their website as shopping has shifted more to e-commerce, and online competition has grown.


  • Identified the client’s key geography and utilized our primary data sources to set up a monthly subscription-based integrated new mover marketing program.
  • Fast-to-market trigger-based Quick Response postcard reached targeted consumer mailboxes within 2-3 days of move-in.
  • Addressable geofencing digital ads deployed over the course of the campaign, targeting the same households, starting 1-2 days before the direct mail piece hit the mailbox.
  • Results were tracked by monitoring website traffic, as well as foot traffic attribution for all locations.

The Results

72% CTR

7x greater than industry average

Drove 211

website visits


foot-traffic conversions

Furniture Retailer


A furniture retailer was looking for a cost-effective way to attract consumers who had never been in their stores to come in and make their furniture purchases from them over the competition.


  • Utilized Mspark’s Quick Response Boost Program to strategically target customers who recently moved to their delivery area.
  • Set up a frequency campaign to reach new movers within 2-3 days of being triggered.
  • Utilized a strong offer of 10% off the entire purchase that addressed the customer directly and featured financing options as well.

The Results

$13,400 in retail sales

directly connected to the program during the campaign period

$8.75 in sales

for every $1 spent



A National Telecom Company was looking for a cost-effective way to accelerate new customer acquisition by targeting consumers who were planning to move in the near future.

Our Approach

  • Utilized Mspark’s new Quick Response Boost Program to strategically target pre-movers in their serviceable area.
  • Set up a frequency campaign that would reach pre-movers within 2-3 days of being triggered.
  • Used a strong offer that addressed the customer directly and featured a no-contract option.

The Results

67% decreased cost per call

over a 5-month period

New customer acquisition

in the highly competitive new mover market

Want to See More Case Studies?

Interested in seeing more success stories like these? Head on over to our Case Studies section where we have more information from many different business categories for you to view.


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