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Reach Customers Before Your Competition with Quick Connect

Life’s memorable moments—getting married, having a baby, celebrating an anniversary or birthday, buying a new home—are opportunities to connect with your customers and build relationships for life. Time is of the essence in these situations because consumers make purchase decisions more quickly in response to life’s milestone events, they spend more than the average customer, and they are more likely to become long-term customers. You can win these moments that matter by leveraging the most accurate data available. Connect with your target customers before your competition with personalized messaging using trigger marketing.

Win Moments that Matter with Trigger Marketing 

Time is of the essence as consumers make purchase decisions more quickly in response to life’s milestone events. They spend more than the average customer, and they are more likely to become long-term customers. You can win these moments that matter by leveraging the most accurate data available. Connect with your target customers with personalized messaging using trigger marketing.

  • Reach customers first, as much as 6 days sooner than your competitors.
  • We provide the most value for your advertising spend, with up to 15% more records in our data versus other data, and it is virtually 100% accurate with 18+ sources updated daily.
  • Personalize your messages in meaningful ways to meet your target audience’s needs.

Trigger Marketing Best Practices

Make trigger-based marketing a year-round part of a coordinated marketing plan to win consumers as they make purchasing decisions related to key life events.

The High-Value Mover Audience

Over 1.75 million people move every month, spending $9000+, and making more than 70 brand decisions. Movers buy everything from large appliances and furniture to cleaning supplies and restaurant/grocery delivery. Be the first to connect with these consumers as they establish shopping patterns in their new communities during a high-spend, loyalty-starting buying period.

Newly Married Couples Combining Households

As 2.3 million new couples get married every year and combine households, they often make larger purchases that include big-ticket items like appliances, furniture, and home décor. These newlyweds are also looking for financial services such as new checking/savings accounts and insurance. This is also a key time for marketers to strengthen existing relationships by staying engaged with customers as they make these new life decisions.

Welcoming a New Baby

On average, new parents spend over $12,000 during the first year of a baby’s arrival. With approximately 4 million babies born every year, these new parents are a tremendous audience whose buying decisions change dramatically. Parents are doing research and purchasing clothing, toys, furniture, and other baby-related supplies. They are also considering additional life insurance, a new vehicle and other ancillary products or services in the months following the baby’s arrival. Continue reaching these parents as their child grows and needs change, continually requiring new purchases.


Build lasting emotional bonds with your customers by inviting them to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions with you. Strengthen loyalty with a strong offer to drive purchasing decisions.

Grand Opening and Re-Opening Announcements

Because we can target your customers within 2-3 days, we have the flexibility to work with a changing opening date to get your customers in the store when the doors open. Build Quick Connect into your marketing blueprint as part of a larger strategy to inform, excite and invite for maximum results!

Connect With Your Customers Around Key Events Impacting Them

We put your brand front and center in the most timely way when major events are happening allowing you to connect with your most important customers. With the flexibility to reach only your current customers or your entire trade area, Quick Connect allows you to respond to changing market conditions or business needs when it matters most.

  • Special Sales and Grand Openings
  • Marketplace Events Driving Purchasing Needs
  • Customer List Communications
  • Appointment and Service Reminders
  • Flexible to Your Specific Needs

Product Options & Inclusions

  • Measures 11” x 6″ with a full bleed
  • Cardstock lends visual weight and strength to the piece
  • Name callout and messaging variability available to increase ROI
  • Layer in your own customer data, use one of our valuable lists, or saturate an area

Design Gallery

Our national award-winning design is already included as part of our all-inclusive rate for you when you partner with Mspark.

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Customer Success Stories

Learn how Quick Connect can increase traffic and sales for your business. These case studies demonstrate the return on investment that can be achieved for your business.

Dental Group Decreases CPA by 44% with Integrated New Mover Program



  • This dental group wanted to increase their new patient numbers for 5 of their Illinois locations focusing efforts on new movers coming into area.
  • Wanted to communicate with new movers before their competition to ensure best possible response.
  • Client Success Metric: Cost per acquisition (CPA) goal of $50


  • New Mover Postcard + Geo-Fenced Digital Display targeting new movers within a 5-mile radius of each location. 6-month test.
  • Offer: $49 New Patient Special, $169 In-Office Whitening
  • Key Takeaways: 
    • This integrated marketing approach had the lowest cost per acquisition vs. other print only methods.
    • Client doubled their monthly investment in this program as a results of the success of the program.

The Results

$13 ROAS

for every $1 spent

$22 CPA

savings of 44%


response rate

Furniture Retailer Achieves 875% ROAS By Targeting New Movers 



  • A local furniture retailer was looking for a cost-effective way to attract consumers who had never been in their store to come in and make their furniture purchases with them over the competition.
  • Client Success Metrics: Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


  • Trigger-based New Mover Postcard targeting client’s key geography within delivery area.
  • Offer: 10% OFF entire purchase | Financing Options
  • Key Takeaways: 
    • Reaching movers as early as possible during their decision-making
      process helps gain new customers during a critical, high spend,
      trigger-based purchasing event.
    • Client continues to utilize this New Mover marketing tactic as part of
      their marketing mix.

The Results


for every $1 spent

Moving Company Sees 259% ROAS by Actively Targeting Pre-Movers

Client Challenge

A moving company needed an effective marketing program that would reach and engage homeowners preparing to move within their serviceable markets to drive new customer acquisition.

Client Success Metric: Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Our Approach

  • Trigger-based Pre-Mover Postcard + Geo-Fenced Digital Display targeting households at list & at contract from March 2021 to June 2021.
  • Offer: Up to $250 OFF; Up to $500 OFF
  • Key Takeaways:
    • There is a shorter window between Pre-Mover At List and Pre-Mover At Contract mailings with houses going up for sale and selling immediately. This frequency play has a proven positive effect on response.
    • Program ran for 4 months during peak moving season. Client added additional frequency after initial success

The Results




Click-through rate vs. industry average


Web traffic visits

National Telecom Company Decreases New Mover CPC by 67%



  • A National Telecom Company was looking for a cost-effective way to accelerate new customer acquisition by targeting consumers who were planning to move in the near future.
  • Client Success Metrics: New Mover Cost Per Call (CPC) target $120-$150


  • New Mover Postcard: Utilize Mspark’s Quick Connect Program to strategically target Pre-Movers in their serviceable area.
  • Set up a frequency campaign that will mail a personally addressed postcard that will hit the Pre-Mover’s mailboxes within 2-3 days of being triggered.
  • Use a strong offer that addresses the Pre-Mover directly and features a no-contract option.

The Results

-67% CPC

over 5 months, achieving $49 CPC

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