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Impact Postcard

Make Your Business Stand Out with the Impact Postcard Solution

The Impact Postcard arrives outside the shared mail package, producing solo mail results at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits for Your Business


  • The Impact Postcard allows you to stretch your marketing dollars by reaching more customers for less money than other advertising options
  • You can combine customer acquisition and retention into one campaign
  • All-inclusive rates include design, printing, postage, shipping and advertising costs
  • Targeting the same households who receive the printed piece with digital ads complements your postcard and drives greater return on your advertising investment


  • Locate the customers most likely to do business with you by utilizing our in-house data analytics department
  • Target at the full ZIP or Mspark’s own split ZIP level where we can use our data to find the most profitable sections of a ZIP code for your business
  • Targeting your best households to receive the Impact Postcard as well as digital ads amplifies your message and increases frequency


  • Combine multiple mailing lists into one Impact Postcard mailing to build personalized and relevant 1:1 messages and images
  • Layer in your own customer data to create personalized loyalty messages


  • The Impact Postcard mails outside of the package for the stand-alone appearance of solo mail at a fraction of the cost

What Exactly is the Impact Postcard?

The Impact Postcard is much like other postcards you have received in the mail from various companies, but ours comes with a distinct advantage that is a big benefit to your business—a substantial cost savings. In many cases our prices can be 1/3 lower than the competition because the Impact Postcard is shipped on the outside of our direct mail package with a shared mail rate.

Another advantage we provide your business is our ability to find your best customers. Many direct mail companies are only able to provide lists in a radius around your business location. Why settle for a random list when we can offer you a campaign profile that takes into account so much more than geography? We use predictive data from many sources and can combine it with your customer data (if available) to create a highly customized profile that targets the homes most likely to do business with you. Learn more about our precision targeting options on our Data Analysis & Targeting page.  This is another way we provide you cost savings on your campaigns, as well as deliver a solid return on your advertising investment.

Below are the two different Impact Card Solutions you can utilize for your business. Not sure which one is the right way to deliver your message? Don’t worry; our advertising experts will be happy to help you determine the most effective option based on the message and products or services you want to feature.

The Fixed Impact Postcard Solution 

The Fixed Impact Postcard Solution is our most popular stand-alone piece that allows you to deliver the same message and image to each household. Design your ad with an aggressive offer to produce high response rates while adding a touch of personalization by addressing the piece to the consumer name.

The Fixed Impact Postcard features:

  • Targeting with predictive data and your customer data (if available)
  • Addressed to the customer

Fixed Impact Postcard Specifications:

  • 5” x 8.5” full bleed postcard (images are printed all the way to the edge of the postcard)
  • Cardstock for a more substantial piece that lends visual weight and strength to your postcard

The Variable Image Impact Postcard Solution

Need to personalize your message and images? The Variable Image Impact Postcard Solution allows you to have full variable control and personalize the images, messages, and consumer names to each household.

The Variable Image Impact Postcard features:

  • Personalized message with the customer name
  • 4-color image variability along with variable messaging and offers on both sides of the postcard
  • Can be targeted using predictive data and your customer data (if available) all the way down to the household level

Variable Image Impact Postcard Specifications:

  • 4” x 9” full bleed postcard (images are printed all the way to the edge of the postcard)
  • Cardstock for a more substantial piece that lends visual weight and strength to your postcard

Design Gallery

Our national award-winning design is already included as part of our all-inclusive rate for you when you partner with Mspark.

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What Can I Use the Impact Postcard Solution for?

The Impact Postcard is a very flexible solution that excels at delivering your message and offers for a variety of business applications. Here are some use case ideas for you to utilize the Impact Postcard Solution to bring traffic and sales to your store.

Special Events

Grab your customers’ attention and drive traffic for upcoming grand openings, special sales, product launches, limited-time offers, and promotions to increase profitability during key events throughout the year.

Multiple Locations

Do you have multiple locations with specific requests to market but a smaller budget? Combine all locations into one integrated campaign, giving each store the ability to customize the offers AND add personalization to print and digital messages along with name callouts.

Generate Awareness

What better way to promote your brand than with a highly visible postcard at 1/3 the cost of regular direct mail accompanied by targeted digital ads? You could also generate awareness for a new product, service or special offer. The Impact Postcard  generates greater awareness through multiple touchpoints in an integrated campaign.

Loyalty Messages

Your loyal customers desire to be set apart from other consumers. Our Impact Postcard Solution gives you the ability to reward your loyal consumers with personalized messages and offers. In addition to loyalty, you can also acquire new customers in the same campaign and save money in the process.

Competitive Blunting

Go after your competition directly with an integrated campaign utilizing an aggressive offer to the consumers who do business with your competition to convert them over to you. We have seen this tactic work on many occasions.


Apart from our monthly programs we also offer bi-monthly and weekly programs in select markets to stay in front of your customers and stay relevant with them. Consistent and appealing offers delivered to your best customers via the Impact Postcard Solution is proven to increase frequency, traffic, and sales.

Data Analysis & Integrated Campaigns

Better targeting drives better results. We use predictive data from many sources to help you target your best customers. We can combine it with your customer data (if available) to create a highly customized profile that targets the homes most likely to do business with you. Learn more about our precision targeting options on our Data Analysis & Targeting page.

Product & Offer Analysis

Our Variable Image Impact Postcard provides the ability to test what products and offers are more likely to drive response from your customers. We can track responses at the household level to see who wants certain products and what is the lowest price you can offer that still drives response. Over the course of a campaign, this analysis will allow you to increase your ROI and improve your targeting profile.

Customer Success Stories

You have already seen some examples in our use cases of how the Impact Postcard Solution can increase traffic and sales for your business. Here are some more in-depth case studies to demonstrate the return on investment that can be achieved for your business.

Dental Practice - Defending Market Share by Blunting Competitors


In business for more than 10 years, a single dental practice with two providers was looking to protect their market share by blunting their competitors and increasing the number of new patients.


  • We used a data-driven approach to identify the best carrier routes to target based on income and families.
  • After three successful direct mail campaigns in Q1 of 2021, the client was interested in integrating addressable geofencing (AGF) digital display ads into their future mailings
  • We hyper-targeted the best households and deployed digital ads over the course of the campaign, during which the consumer also would receive an Impact Postcard in the mail.
  • After the initial campaign, we tracked the success of the campaign by monitoring website traffic, as well as foot traffic attribution.

The Results


Doubled patient acquisition when the client integrated AGF digital ads into existing direct mail campaigns


CTR - 50% greater than industry average

Home Services Case Study


A residential & commercial paving company needed a marketing solution that would increase sales and ultimately drive their business to new levels.


  • Utilized Impact Postcard to increase response rates & drive sales 
  • Ran aggressive intro offer of $200 off driveway paving 
  • Targeted desired households in high-value geographies

The Results


in sales revenue


return on investment

Fitness Center Chain Case Study


A fitness center franchise owner wanted to increase gym membership and grow market share for an existing location.

Our Approach

  • Targeted zip codes in surrounding locations, reaching 71,000 households
  • Utilized aggressive offers and highlighted key differentiators:
    • Open 24 hours
    • Extensive equipment
    • FREE training
    • $10/Month – no commitment membership
  • Mailed the Impact Postcard due to cost savings over solo mail options
  • Established a mailing frequency to keep the fitness center name in front of their current and potential customers

The Results


New members and increased market share for the locations


as many households reached with the Impact Postcard at the same price as a solo mail piece

Want to See More Case Studies?

Interested in seeing more success stories like these? Head on over to our Case Studies  section where we have more information from many different business categories for you to review.

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