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Drive Traffic and Increase ROI with Integrated Advertising Solutions

73% of potential salon switchers responded to an ad or coupon in their mailbox in the past 12 months. Our integrated Boost solutions work synergistically to lift response rates by up to 118% and conversion rates by up to 28%.

Sources: 2020 AudienceSCAN®, Millward Brown Print Campaign Analysis, Simplifi

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Top Hair Salon Trends to Consider as You Build Your Marketing Strategy

Here are some insights into hair salon trends to inform your marketing strategy.

  • In the 3 months leading to July 2020, mass-market retailer sales of home hair care products spiked. To be successful, salons must win back customers who turned to at-home products during the pandemic quarantine period.
  • 46% of consumers are more interested in deals, coupons, or promotions now than before COVID-19.
  • Hair coloring option trends such a balayage, ombres and shadow roots are a big draw for salons.
  • Salons should expect to see continued success with services for brides, wedding parties and special event styling.
  • Large companies enjoy economies of scale in purchasing and marketing. Smaller salons can compete successfully by offering superior service, securing favorable locations and offering online bookings.

Sources: Consumer Behaviors in a COVID-19 World Survey, (Valassis), First Research,; AdMall AudienceSCAN 2021

Influence Hair Salon Customers with a Multichannel Marketing Approach

Anchor your marketing strategy with direct mail while boosting its reach and effectiveness with complementary addressable geofencing digital ads. Promote awareness of your hair salon and highlight your services and products while targeting your best potential customers.

  • Many salons have fully embraced digital media – whether it’s maintaining an active social media presence, reputation management through online reviews, or SMS and email messaging. An all-digital approach is not the most effective way to target potential customers, nor is it the best customer retention strategy. When print is paired with digital media, advertisers see as much as a 30% increase in response.
  • Print drives 11% purchase intent compared to only 4% with digital alone. That’s a 175% INCREASE when anchoring your digital campaign with print!
  • Engagement with the mailbox is at an all-time high with daily mail engagement increasing 69% since March 2020 and consumers spending 11 minutes sorting, opening, and reading their mail daily.
  • Targeted shared mail is a proven customer acquisition tool. In fact, response to ads or coupons in their mailbox has been a proven marketing strategy for several hair salon audiences. Customers who responded to and ad or coupon in their mailbox in last 12 months:
    • Potential Salon Switchers: 65%
    • Hair Coloring clients: 62%
    • Barber Shop customers: 59%

Sources: Consumer Behaviors in a COVID-19 World Survey, (Valassis), First Research,; AdMall AudienceSCAN 2021

Read our hair salon case studies to learn more about how hair salons leverage our advertising solutions to drive traffic and increase ROI.

Hair Salon Case Studies

We offer integrated marketing solutions to fit any need and budget.

The Wrap Boost Solution

The Wrap Boost Solution is a high-visibility saturation product that allows you to cost-effectively promote your business to an entire market. The Wrap Boost Solution contains all of the other inserts we send (except the Impact Postcard), so it’s the first part of our direct mail package that a person sees in their mailbox. This places your business front and center and showcases your products and services. The reach and frequency of your campaign increase even more with the addition of complementary digital ads targeted to the same audience to set the stage for the arrival of your printed piece.

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Targeted Insert Boost Solution

Available in 9 sizes to meet your needs and budget, our Targeted Insert Boost Solution allows you to target the consumers most likely to do business with you all the way down to the carrier route level. The Targeted Insert Boost Solution includes a two-sided, full color piece that features only your business along with digital display ads. We have sizes ranging from standard inserts all the way up to mega inserts to meet any need. Your target audience will also receive complementary addressable geofencing digital ads, which warm up the mailbox and increase the reach and frequency of your campaign.

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Impact Postcard Boost Solution

Increase response rates and ROI with targeting down to the household level using our high-visibility Impact Postcard Boost Solution. What sets our Impact Postcard Boost Solution apart from other direct mail postcard options? When we send out our monthly shared direct mail package, your Impact Postcard mails outside the package. This means that your message will receive the benefit of looking like a stand-alone piece at a fraction of the cost of traditional postcard delivery. Complementary addressable geofencing digital ads targeted to the same audience warm up the mailbox and set the stage for the arrival of your postcard, increasing reach and frequency of your campaign.

The Impact Postcard Boost Solution is ideal for special events, acquisition and retention with options to saturate areas with the same message or target specific households with a unique message, creative and offers. For even greater impact, add-ons such as magnets, scratch offs and even punch cards are available.

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