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Quick Response Furniture Retailer Case Study

A furniture retailer was looking for a cost-effective way to attract consumers who had never been in their stores to come in and make their furniture purchases from them over the competition.

Our Approach

  • Utilize Mspark’s Quick Response Program to strategically target New Movers in their delivery area.
  • Set up a frequency campaign to mail a personally addressed postcard that will hit the new mover’s mailboxes within 2-3 days of being triggered.
  • Utilize a strong offer of 10% off entire purchase that addresses the New Mover directly and features financing options as well.

The Results


in retail sales directly connected to Quick Response during the program period.


in sales for every $1 spent on advertising

Furniture Retailer New Location


A furniture retailer was adding a new location to an existing market where newspaper penetration was low. This rural business needed a way to improve their ability to reach consumers around their new store location with a new media solution.

Our Approach

  • Targeted the best 28,000 households surrounding the new store location​
  • Provided an affordable solution to target, design, print and mail the piece
  • Designed an attractive ad with appealing offers for bedroom sets and mattresses

The Results


YOY total sales increase

Furniture Retailer


A furniture retailer was looking to develop a marketing strategy that would not only reach consumers most likely to purchase furniture, but also not waste valuable advertising dollars.

Our Approach

  • Developed a mailing profile composed of ZIP codes and split ZIPS that included households with:​
    • High likelihood to buy furniture
    • Annual income of $50,000+
    • Home value of $75,000+
    • Mailed to the best 32,000+ households surrounding the store location
    • Created an eye catching ad to draw consumers utilizing a Targeted Insert

The Results


YOY sales increase for a 2-month period


YOY sales increase for same 2-month period

Local Furniture Store


A local furniture store was looking for a way to reach price conscious customers on a monthly basis and turned to shared direct mail to increase sales and drive traffic.

Our Approach

  • Targeted the best 50,000+ households around the store based on likelihood to purchase furniture​
  • Created an eye-catching ad utilizing a Targeted Insert with appealing offers to attract price conscious consumers​

The Results


In sales generated per mailing


In sales for every $1 spent on shared mail

Rent-to-Own Furniture


A rent-to-own furniture chain wanted to promote its holiday sales to its loyalty program members and drive traffic to 111 of its storefronts at a low cost per visit.

Our Approach

  • Targeted 107,000 loyalty program members with an integrated campaign utilizing direct mail and digital ads.​

The Results


Advertiser-reported sales both online and in-store


Physical store visits


Cost per visit

Furniture Retailer Case Study


A multi-location furniture store leveraged their database analysis to drive a specific offer to their customers.


  • Targeted the best ZIP codes covering more than 173,000 households based on recommendations from database analysis, specifically areas with high customer penetration and sales
  • Utilized a Targeted Insert featuring an attractive offer exclusive to the Mspark mailing: $100 off any purchase of $499 or more

The Results


in sales solely from the coupon offer


in sales for every $1 spent on shared direct mail

Did you know? 62% of living room furniture shoppers responded to an ad or coupon in the mailbox in the past 12 months. Our integrated Boost solutions work synergistically to lift response rates by up to 118% and conversion rates by up to 28%.    Learn more about the latest furniture marketing trends and advertising opportunities on our furniture page.

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