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Auto Service


An auto service company was searching for new ways to increase sales and customer traffic to their location.​

Our Approach

  • Targeted Wrap Zones surrounding the auto service location.
  • Mailed a high visibility, high readership Wrap piece to more than 30,000 households./li>
  • Utilized strong offers, including oil change; tire rotation, balance, and brake check; state inspection for only $22.

The Results


ROI in one month of mailing

Auto Service Center Grand Opening


A local auto service center needed to drive traffic in support of a grand opening of a new location.

Our Approach

  • Identified top households using demographic and behavioral data
  • Targeted 11,298 households around the store location
  • Promoted grand opening utilizing aggressive offers and a solo postcard

The Results


customers received within a 4-day time period; 143 were new customers


set goal by 13 additional customers a day

Car Wash


A car wash company wanted to increase traffic and grow sales with shared direct mail.

Our Approach

  • Identified key households for distribution
  • Targeted the best 15,000+ households around the store location with a 50% off car wash offer ($10 minimum)

The Results


Coupons redeemed




In sales received for every $1 spent on advertising.

Luxury Auto Service Company


A luxury automotive car service company turned to shared mail to increase foot traffic and drive new business.

Our Approach

  • Identified ZIP codes around the store location that are more likely to use auto dealer service centers.
  • Mailed a high visibility, high readership Impact Postcard to 11,000 households with strong offers.

The Results


net sales generated


in sales for every $1 spent on shared mail.

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Sources: 2020 AudienceSCAN®, Millward Brown Print Campaign Analysis, Simplifi

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