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Wrap Solution

Put Your Business Front and Center with the Wrap

The Wrap is a cost-effective saturation product, enabling you to reach an entire market or zone at minimal cost while the large size allows you to put the spotlight on your products.

Benefits for Your Business

      • Stretch your marketing dollars by reaching more customers with this market saturation tool.
      • Simplified process: All-inclusive rates include design, printing, advertising costs, postage, and shipping.
      • Since the Wrap contains all of the other pieces we mail (except the Impact Postcard), it’s the first part of our package a person sees in their mailbox.
      • The Wrap is a full color product with page sizes of 8” x 10.5”.
    • The Wrap Solution achieves market saturation by being delivered to a full market (a group of contiguous ZIP Codes that are recognized as a business center, typically a town or city) or Wrap zones (contiguous ZIP Codes that form the foundation of a market).
    • The Wrap enables you to target the same households that receive your print ad with a digital ad, amplifying your message and increasing frequency.

What Exactly is the Wrap Solution?

The Wrap Solution has four full-color pages, each measuring 8” x 10.5”. The Wrap has the dual purpose of holding all the other inserts we send, as well as being the star of the mailbox. Why do we say it’s the star? For starters, your offers are not obscured by being wrapped in plastic or hidden away in an envelope because the Wrap holds all the other messages inside. Another reason is its size. It’s larger than most other things that you receive in your mailbox, and that helps your message to stand out from everything else competing for attention.

4 Wrap options are available to showcase your business.

Full Page Wrap

Piece Size: 8″x10.5″

Advertise on the outside of our package, giving you the most visible position, or put your message on any of our inside pages to reinforce your brand awareness.

Center Spread Wrap

Piece Size: 16″x10.5″

Own the center pages of our wrap, bringing you an even larger ad space to draw attention to your offer and message.

4-Page Wrap Set

Piece Size: Four 8″x10.5″ pages

Let your business cover the entire package by putting your creative on all 4 pages, inside and out, providing you with the most ad space for low cost.

 Wrap Banners

Outside: 2″x5″ Inside: 2″x10.5″

Extend your creative to the wrap banners either inside or outside the package. Banners give you the ability to promote a special offer or drive attention to an insert inside the package for pennies per household.

Design Gallery

Our national award-winning design is already included as part of our all-inclusive rate for you when you partner with Mspark.

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What Can I Use the Wrap Solution for?

Even though the Wrap Solution’s print component comes in one standard 4-page format and size, your business can utilize it many different ways. Here are some use cases for you to get ideas on how using the Wrap to bring traffic and sales to your business.

Multiple Location Coverage

Does your business have multiple locations in one or more markets? The Wrap Solution is a very cost-effective way to advertise all of your locations at once, because it is mailed to an entire market each month.


Why should you send out your offer multiple times in print and digital formats? Because frequency builds results. Frequency is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Repeated exposure can “train” people to look for your offers in the mailbox. This can give you a distinct advantage over your competitors because your current and potential customers already know where to find you.

Defending Market Share

Has a competitor moved into your territory? Are they starting to funnel sales away from your business? Then it’s time to incorporate a competitive blunting strategy. Defending market share with the Wrap Solution is achieved by targeting the best markets around your location and utilizing the power of frequency to blunt the marketing and sales efforts of your competitors and defend your market share.

Grand Openings

The Wrap Solution is a high-visibility tool to announce the upcoming opening of store locations in a market. You can advertise your grand opening in advance, advertise the day of the grand opening, and keep customers engaged long after your opening day has occurred.

Generate Awareness

The Wrap is a budget-friendly way to deliver your message to a large number of households. It excels at generating awareness because it demands attention in your mailbox in a tangible format.

According to research conducted by a Canadian neuromarketing firm, people who received direct mail were able to recall the brand 75% of the time. You can see how having your brand remembered 75% of the time from a direct mail advertising piece can generate awareness and build your brand.

Market Saturation

Market saturation is an advertising tactic you can use when your market is no longer generating demand for your products and services. By utilizing the Wrap Solution, you can cover your entire market and generate renewed demand for your business through an integrated campaign consisting of print and digital ads.

Drive Traffic

Are your sales starting to decline? Has the demand for your offerings decreased? If so, then you need to energize your customer (and potential customer) base by using the Wrap Solution to drive traffic to your business.

It drives traffic because it targets a full market (a group of contiguous ZIP Codes that are recognized as a business center, typically a town or city) or Wrap zones (contiguous ZIP Codes that form the foundation of a market), which gives you excellent coverage at a budget-friendly price.

Customer Success Stories

You have already seen some examples in our use cases of how the Wrap Solution can increase traffic and sales for your business. Here are some more in-depth case studies to demonstrate the return on investment that can be achieved for your business.

Home Services Case Study


Due to a drop in sales and not receiving a positive return with YP (Yellow Pages) advertising, this client needed a cost-effective solution to help reach consumers in his trade area.


  • Saturate the market around the location reaching 48,000 households
  • Utilize the Wrap to drive traffic & sales
  • Mail during peak sales months to generate interest and awareness
  • Run an aggressive offer to get attention

The Results


in sales revenue


return on investment

Quick Serve Restaurant


A regional quick serve restaurant (QSR) turned to shared mail to generate awareness in the marketplace and drive customer traffic to their locations.

Our Approach

  • Saturate the market reaching 43,000 household surrounding their location​ 
  • Utilize strong coupon offers to drive traffic and sales​ 
  • Consistently mailed over a 5-month period using a cost-effective wrap solution

The Results


average redemptions each month


return on investment

Want to See More Case Studies?

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