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Moving Company Sees 259% ROAS by Actively Targeting Pre-Movers

Client Challenge

A moving company needed an effective marketing program that would reach and engage homeowners preparing to move within their serviceable markets to drive new customer acquisition.

Client Success Metric: Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Our Approach

  • Trigger-based Pre-Mover Postcard + Geo-Fenced Digital Display targeting households at list & at contract from March 2021 to June 2021.
  • Offer: Up to $250 OFF; Up to $500 OFF
  • Key Takeaways:
    • There is a shorter window between Pre-Mover At List and Pre-Mover At Contract mailings with houses going up for sale and selling immediately. This frequency play has a proven positive effect on response.
    • Program ran for 4 months during peak moving season. Client added additional frequency after initial success

The Results




Click-through rate vs. industry average


Web traffic visits

Window Company Earns 345% ROAS by Identifying & Targeting Likely Customers

HOME IMPROVEMENT: Targeted + Personalized Print

Client Challenge

A national window replacement company turned to shared mail to increase sales, deliver unique messages to each household in the marketplace, and ultimately convert leads into customers.

Client Success Metric: ROAS

Our Approach

  • Impact Postcard: Utilized the postcard to increase response rates and deliver relevant messages to each household
  • Analyzed surrounding zip codes to determine households with propensity to replace windows and patio doors
  • Targeted the best 64,000 households surrounding the store
  • Versioned postcards based on relevant lifestyle demographics to increase personalization
  • Offers:
    • Save $300 on windows; save $800 on patio doors

The Results

$3.45 ROAS

in sales for every $1 spent


total sales revenue

Paving Company Earns 848% ROAS with Targeted Print

HOME SERVICES: Targeted Print

Client Challenge

A residential paving company turned to shared mail for an effective way to reach specific consumers in the marketplace and promote their paving landscaping services.

Client Success Metric: ROAS

Our Approach

  • Targeted Shared Mail Postcard: Targeted 26,216 households across three consecutive mailing dates
  • Identified key split ZIP Codes for distribution based on high value homes and retirement communities
  • Promoted services utilizing a high visibility, high readership print piece


  • Free Estimate & Design Consultation; $100 OFF Orders of $1,000 or More; $500 OFF Orders of $5,000 or More

The Results


in sales for every $1 spent


new clients generated


total revenue generated


return on investment

Regional Pest Control Company Doubles Its Footprint with Aggressive Offers & Shared Mail

Client Challenge

A regionally owned pest control company needed to acquire new consumers in their market and increase sales.​

Client Success Metric: New sales booked

Our Approach

  • Utilized the Impact Postcard to increase service calls and drive sales in 3 test markets
  • Ran an aggressive offer of $50 towards any initial treatment

The Results


The client saw a 100% increase in leads in 2 markets; and a 50% increase in a 3rd market


The client doubled their footprint from 3 to 6 markets the following year

Did you know: Home Services and DIY customers respond to ads in the mailbox.

  • 64% of do-it-yourself home improvement consumers responded to an ad or offer in the mailbox in the past year.
  • 68% of major home remodeling project customers responded to an ad or offer in the mailbox in the past year.

Our integrated Boost solutions work synergistically to lift response rates by up to 118% and conversion rates by up to 28%.  Learn more about the latest home services marketing trends and advertising opportunities on our home services page.

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