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Mattress Retail Store


A mattress manufacturer with 6 retail locations wanted to increase sales by targeting new movers to their markets. The client also wanted to drive traffic to its ecommerce site to defend against increasing competition.

Our Approach

  • We identified the client’s key geography and utilized our primary data sources to set up a monthly subscription-based integrated new mover marketing program.
  • Our fast-to-market postcard reached mailboxes within 2-3 days of their move as they were quickly making purchase decisions. We integrated and deployed 18 digital impressions over the course of 10 days targeting the same households, starting 1-2 days before the direct mail piece hit the mailbox.
  • We measured campaign results by monitoring website traffic, as well as foot traffic attribution for all locations.

The Results

0.72% CTR

7x greater than the industry average


Website Visits


Recorded foot-traffic conversions

Rent-to-Own Furniture Brand


Leading up to Black Friday, a rent-to-own furniture chain wanted to promote its weekend specials, maximize reach, and drive traffic to its 111 storefronts across eight states, especially by its most loyal customers. They wanted to track offline and online conversions.

Our Approach:

  • Targeted households would receive a direct mail piece, and a portion of those would also receive addressable geofencing digital display ads.
  • Extracted more than 107,000 addresses of loyal customers provided by the client to be targeted digitally.
  • Created conversion zones around each storefront to track offline conversions.
  • Aligned creative for direct mail piece and display ads to reinforce the look and message of the campaign and make it easily recognizable by the consumer.

The Results


Physical stores visits at $2.47 cost per visit


Incremental increase in store visits when digital was added to direct mail


Online and in-store purchases

Did you know: 55% of shoppers who prefer online shopping have responded to an ad/coupon in the mailbox. When you add a digital advertising component to direct mail, they work synergistically to boost response rates by up to 118% and conversion rates by up to 28%. Learn more about the latest e-commerce trends and advertising opportunities on our e-commerce page.

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