Home Services Marketing: Engage 20+ Million Planning Major Projects Next Year

More than 20 million adults in the U.S. are planning major home remodeling projects within the next year, a home services marketing opportunity for providers who target them with timely, relevant campaigns1. Rural consumers continue to make major home improvements—bouncing back to pre-covid levels consistent with 2019 after slowing in 2022. People in rural markets continue investing in homes at pre-COVID 2019 levels, with 6% planning to purchase a home in the next six months2.

Consumers planning major home remodeling projects respond to advertising across both print and digital channels.1

  • Streaming TV ad: 79%
  • Ad that plays before or during the video you want to watch: 78%
  • Emailed ad or newsletter: 77%
  • Ads or offers in the mailbox: 77%
  • Internet banner ad: 76%

Did you know?

Baby Boomers represent a home services marketing opportunity, as these consumers who once drove the DIY trend now seek “do it for me” products and services. Home services retailers report that demand for services, rather than hardware and tools, is on the rise among this demographic1.

Whether your goal is to target homeowners of all ages within your service area, or to engage a more specialized niche, create a personalized experience by targeting homeowners down to the household level. Deliver customized, coordinated messaging across their preferred advertising channels to elevate your brand and increase reach and response.

A multi-channel approach drives results while increasing your ROI. Mspark’s data-based targeting capabilities ensures you get the most value from your advertising spend by targeting your highest-value potential customers.

Here are important components to keep in mind when planning your multi-channel home services marketing strategy:

  • Offers are key to get recipients to open and read direct mail:
    • 78% will open/read a single offer or promotion;
    • 77% will open/read multiple offers or promotions. 3
  • Personalized messaging increases response:
    • 68% of consumers are more likely to engage with a brand’s message when it’s personalized to them.4
    • 55% expect mail from brands to be personalized to them in some way. 3
  • Direct mail prompts in-person and online action:
    • 64% of consumers say direct mail has inspired them to “take action.”3
    • 57% have visited a brand website after receiving direct mail. 3
    • More than one-third have visited a retail location or purchased a product or service.3

Is Your Home Services Marketing Strategy Overlooking Movers?

New movers make approximately 72 brand-related decisions and spend nearly $9,000 on products/services related to moving during the year surrounding this big life event5. The largest expenditures are focused on the home, including solar energy, roofing, home improvement, flooring, furniture/home decor, appliances, and windows.

Average Estimated Spent/Anticipated Spending on Products & Services

These products and services are more often purchased either before or within the first month of a move, making timely engagement essential to home services marketing effectiveness.

The majority (90%) of new movers are open to trying new brands for any items and services. Good reviews (56%), better prices than other brands of the same industry (51%), and recommendations (48%) are among the top factors that would entice new movers to try new brands6.

More than two-thirds (68%) of new movers are doing, planning to do, or have already done home improvement projects, with painting, landscaping, redecorating, bathroom remodeling, and updating flooring topping the list6.

Reach Movers Faster Than Your Competition

With Mspark’s Quick Connect mover program, you have access to our validated new mover list that is updated DAILY. Once that list is received, an automation process identifies all movers that fall within your defined trade area. That final list of new movers is sent to the printer within hours of receiving the daily data feed, enabling your advertising postcard to hit the mail stream within 24 hours. Learn more about our Quick Connect mover program here.

We partner with home services providers across the country to develop innovative, multi-channel advertising solutions that increase reach and response to drive results and maximize your advertising spend while lowering your cost per lead and cost per call. Read how other home services providers have benefitted from our solutions in our Home Services Case Studies. Fill out the form below to get started.

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