Design a Furniture Marketing Strategy to Acquire New Customers During Q4

Design a furniture marketing strategy to acquire new customers during the critical Q4 of the year. Learn how in our blog post.

As the busiest furniture shopping season of the year approaches, now is the time to design a furniture marketing plan to engage shoppers and acquire new customers during the critical Q4 selling period.

Getting to Know Furniture Buyers

  • Furniture is THE TOP CATEGORY for New Movers
    • Movers are 3x MORE LIKELY to buy furniture than non-movers.
    • $5,214 estimated customer value during the first year
    • Furniture retailers MUST be FIRST in the mailbox Learn more strategies for targeting new movers here.
  • 60% of furniture shoppers say price is the most important factor in selecting a furniture store, followed by selection, quality, location, and service.

Furniture Shoppers Respond to a Variety of Advertising Channels

  • 91% say deals, offers, and promotions are most important
  • 69% respond to direct mail and digital combined
  • 60% visit a retailer’s website after seeing online or offline ad media

Anchor Your Advertising Campaigns with Print

Consumers are receptive to print messages they receive in the mailbox. In fact, 79% look forward to checking their mailbox each day and spend up to 11 minutes sorting, opening, reading mail daily. Unlike digital ads, direct mail ads have a shelf life of 17 days. Direct mail is also valued and appreciated by consumers of all ages.

Increase Response & Conversion Through Coordinated Exposure Adding Digital Strategies

Adding digital strategies to your direct mail campaign is proven to increase response rates up to 118% and conversion rates up to 28% compared to direct mail alone. Consumers of all ages are more likely to make a purchase after receiving both print and digital advertising from a brand.

Learn how other furniture retailers have benefitted from a coordinated direct mail + digital advertising strategy in our case studies below. Reach out today to plan your strategy.

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