Telecommunications Services Marketing: Reach Key Lucrative Markets to Increase Revenue

Internet, wifi, wireless, and other service providers who need to connect with consumers in lucrative rural markets across the country rely on Mspark as a telecommunications services marketing partner. Despite a 9% increase in home broadband adoption since 2016, rural residents are still less likely than those living in suburban areas to report having home broadband. This is a significant opportunity for service providers to gain share in less saturated markets.

Newspaper programs continue their rapid decline, limiting the advertising alternatives to reach these consumers.

A Teleommunications Services Marketing Partner to Help Achieve Your Goals

Mspark works with many of the leading telecommunications services providers, including Verizon, AT&T, Charter Spectrum, and T-Mobile to connect them with the right audience and map out a marketing strategy to achieve a number of common goals, including:

  • Acquire new customers while driving down cost per acquisition.
  • Target eligible consumers as new subscribers down to the household level to acquire new customers.
  • Target and acquire pre- and new movers.
  • Differentiate current customers and target them with loyalty & retention strategies.
  • Integrate multicultural and bilingual strategies based on audience demographics.
  • Retarget lost website shoppers to re-engage and convert them to buyers.
  • Accelerate customer growth, increasing reach and frequency, with our email acquisition program.

Did you know?

Nationwide, only 37% of consumers bundle their communications services. Mspark can help you grow your footprint by targeting both current and new subscribers with attractive offers to save money by bundling services.

Consistently Drive Results with a Multi-channel Approach

Due to the competitive nature of this space, frequent messaging is important to drive consistent results. A multi-channel approach is proven to increase reach and response, leveraging complementary print and digital ads to maximize results:

SHELF LIFE: 70% of consumers look at ads they receive in the mail and keep them an average of 14.5 days. A print ad has a shelf life that digital ads don’t have.

ONLINE RESEARCH: 40% of consumers were encouraged to go online and seek out more information about a brand due to a mail ad, according to a 2023 report.

AWARENESS + RECALL: Consumers who see an ad both in print and digital media are more likely to notice the ad (52%) and remember the message (52%), according to the same study.

COST-EFFICIENT: Drive Down Cost Per Call or Cost Per Lead through strategic targeting that ensures your messages reach those most likely to do business with you when making purchasing decisions.

Download our eBook: Best Marketing Practices for Telecommunications Service Providers for more insights to build your strategy to acquire new communication services customers while reducing cost per acquisition. Click “get started” below to connect with an expert to discuss your telecommunications services marketing goals.

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