Integrated Multichannel Campaigns

Boost Integrated Solution

Boost Results with Integrated Multichannel Campaigns

When you combine the high response rates of print with the added reach of digital ads, you create a truly powerful integrated marketing mix! Our Boost integrated advertising solutions target direct mail and digital advertising at the household level. Increase response and amplify your message by targeting your direct mail audience with addressable geofencing digital display ads that warm up the mailbox, increase reach & frequency, and improve marketing attribution.

Benefits of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

  •  Your integrated Boost print and digital campaign increases response and reduces wasted ad spend.

Avoid Waste with Better Targeting

  • Our integrated Boost campaigns offer precision for advertisers who want to target digital advertising to the same household list as direct mail. High accuracy = less waste.

Warm Up the Mailbox

  • This integrated marketing approach “warms up the mailbox” as digital display ad impressions start 1-2 days prior to the in-home date and run for a total of 10 days.

Increase Reach & Frequency

  • Integrating digital advertising with a targeted mail campaign expands the reach and frequency of your message, amplifying print response.
  • Direct mail and digital advertising work synergistically to lift response rates by 118% and conversion rates by 28% versus print alone.

Improve Marketing Attribution

  • The integrated Boost solution gives you the ability to track and report both online conversions and offline (foot traffic) store visits, providing visibility into the effectiveness of your marketing spend.

How to Boost Your Advertising Results

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  1. Select your integrated mail and digital program.
  2. Use our award-winning design team to develop strong creatives and offers that are aligned in both digital and direct mail channels.
  3. Set the multi-channel campaign and watch it grow with our reliable performance reporting.

Customer Success Stories

You have already seen some examples in our use cases of how the Boost Integrated Solution can increase traffic and sales for your business. Here are some more in-depth case studies to demonstrate the return on investment that can be achieved for your business.

Rent-to-Own Furniture Chain Case Study


Leading up to Black Friday, a rent-to-own furniture chain wanted to promote its holiday sales to its loyalty program members to drive and track customers to 111 of its storefronts at a low cost per visit (CPV).

Our Approach

  • Client provided a list of more than 107,000 addresses of loyalty members to target with direct mail pieces and digital ads.
  • Targeted the customer’s list with printed direct mail ads along with addressable geo-fencing digital ads..

The Results


In-store visits


Advertiser-reported sales, both online and in-store


Cost per store visit


Increase in incremental store visits – those who received both ads were 30.78% more likely to visit the furniture chain than those who only received the mailers, highlighting the benefit of running a digital campaign alongside direct mail.

National Ice Cream Shop


A national premium ice cream shop chain was looking to drive traffic to 22 brick and mortar locations across five markets promoting a seasonal gift. To ensure they were getting the best results of their direct mail campaign, they needed a digital solution to complement the traditional direct mail effort.


  • Utilized an addressable geofencing digital campaign that would effectively target each household along with the direct mail campaign.
  • Targeted 17,500 total addresses — 3,500 addresses per market — of some of its top customers.
  • Set a goal to achieve a Cost Per Visit (CPV) to a store location of $10 or less.

The Results


total visits to the ice cream chain’s 22 stores


cost per visit, 6x lower than the original goal


increase in incremental store visits


faster conversion for those who saw digital and direct mail ads than those who only received the print ad

Pair Boost with any Mspark mail campaign to lift results up to 118%. Boost is compatible with any of our shared mail marketing solutions as well as our direct mail solutions.

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