Win Moments That Matter with Trigger Marketing

Trigger Marketing: Win Moments That Matter with Trigger-Based Marketing


There’s a saying that change is the only constant in life. People get married; babies are born; birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated; new homes are purchased. These milestones are a perfect opportunity to connect with your customers and build relationships that last a lifetime.

Timing is key in these situations, as consumer habits change in response to important life events. These consumers spend more than the average customer. The opportunity to win customers for life by connecting with these consumers during these moments can’t be overstated.

Win moments that matter by being the first to reach customers as they make purchase decisions with Quick Connect, Mspark’s trigger-based marketing solution.

Reach Customers First – Your message and offer reach homes as much as 6 days sooner than competitors.

Accurate Data with No Wasted Ad Spend – Up to 15% more mover records are available in our data than competitor data. Ensure virtually 100% accuracy with 18+ data sources and sophisticated data processing with daily updates.

Personalized – Connect with meaningful messages personalized to your customer’s needs.

Best Practices to Connect and Win Moments that Matter

Leverage trigger marketing year-round to win consumers as they make purchasing decisions related to key life events.

The Highly Valuable Mover Audience

On average, 1.75+ million people move every month. This is a huge audience with tremendous purchasing power! The average consumer will spend over $9k during the process of moving and make more than 70 brand decisions. Movers buy everything from large appliances and furniture to cleaning supplies and restaurant delivery. Be the first to connect with these consumers during a critical, high-spend, loyalty-starting buying phase as they establish shopping patterns in their new neighborhoods.

Newly Married Couples Combining Households

On average, 2.3 million people get married every year. As these new couples combine households, they will often make larger purchases that include big ticket items like appliances, furniture and home décor. They will also be interested in financial services such as new checking and savings accounts. Additionally, this is a key time for marketers to strengthen existing relationships by keeping them engaged in their new life decisions. Reach this audience when they are making these important choices.


Welcoming a New Baby

Approximately 4 million babies are born in the US every year, and new parents spend on average over $12k during the first year of their baby’s arrival. When a baby enters the home, buying decisions change dramatically! Consumers are doing research and purchasing clothing, toys, furniture and other baby-related supplies. They are also considering additional life insurance, a new vehicle and other ancillary products or services in the months following the baby’s arrival.

Grand Opening and Re-Opening Announcements

With the ability to target consumers within 2-3 days, we can work with a changing opening date that gets your customers in the store when the doors open. Build Quick Connect into your marketing blueprint as part of a larger strategy to inform, excite and invite for maximum results!


Establish lasting emotional bonds with your customers by inviting them to celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries with you. Strengthen loyalty with a strong offer to drive purchasing decisions.

With the flexibility to reach only your current customers, a specialty audience, or your entire trade area, Quick Connect allows you to respond to changing market conditions or business needs when it matters most. Get started today!

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