Build Your Tax Preparation Marketing Strategy with a Focus on Accuracy & Maximum Refunds

Tax preparation marketing strategy

Nearly half (48%) of U.S. adults plan to file their taxes in February. For consumers in the rural markets Mspark serves, that number increases to 52%—a tax preparation marketing opportunity for providers who act quickly.

Did you know?

  • 34% of those filing taxes believe the money is important to their overall financial Situation.1
  • 82% of the lowest-income households (under $50,000) say refunds are important to them.1
  • 54% of e-filers used a Tax Professional in 2023. 95% of taxpayers e-file.2
  • -7.3% amount average refund ($2,812) declined in 2023 over prior year, underscoring the importance of reaching the maximum refund. 2

Accurate & Maximum Returns Help All Consumers Meet Financial Goals

34% of Gen Z plan to Save their refund, while 25% of Millennial’s, 33% of Gen Xers, and 32% of Boomers will use refunds to pay off Debts.1

The Majority of Americans File Before April

Less than 25% of consumers wait until April to file their income taxes. Now is the time to engage potential clients in your area and acquire new clients as they receive their end-of-year tax documents by January 31st, 20243.

Opportunities to Consider as You Plan Your Tax Preparation Marketing Strategy

While just under 40% of consumers plan to file their taxes using computer software, even more plan to have an accountant or tax preparation service handle it for them3.

Nationwide, 74% of filers plan to file their taxes online, while 71% of consumers in rural markets plan to file online3.

Our targeting capabilities utilize a wide variety of data types to identify high-potential prospective clients, such as:

  • Household Income under $50,000
  • Has used CPA or Tax Pro
  • Has filed Taxes Online
  • Business Owners/Freelancers

Accounting / Tax Service clients in the U.S. respond to advertising across a variety of media channels4:

  • Ads or offers in the mail, 64%
  • Emailed ads or newsletters, 60%
  • Internet banner ad, 51%
  • Pre-roll video ad, 48%
  • Streaming TV ad, 49%

A multi-channel marketing strategy utilizing coordinated print and digital tactics can amplify your reach to build awareness for your business and gain new clients. Learn more about our integrated advertising solutions here. Reach out today to plan your strategy.

Sources: Bankrate Study – March 20231; IRS 2023 Filing Statistics through May 20232; Prosper Insights & Analytics 20233; AdMall AudienceSCAN 20234