Pizza Marketing Strategy: Why the “No Preference” Consumer Can Help You Slow Churn & Drive New Growth

There’s a new player in the pizza marketplace, and its name is “No Preference.” It is the single largest category segment for pizza – customers who say they have “no preference” for which pizza brand they purchase. By understanding the “no preference” category, pizza brands have a huge opportunity to slow churn and drive new customer growth.

What is the Annual Value of converting each incremental customer with no pizza brand preference?

By converting these no-preference consumers and increasing your traffic just 1%, your potential return is $5,500 annually (based on category averages and the average check for the no-preference customer).


Achieving 1% is just the beginning. Savvy pizza marketers who understand what the “no preference” consumer values can position themselves to steal share.

Pizza Marketing Strategy: Communicating the Right Elements of Value

What does the “no preference” pizza consumer care about the most?

  • Convenience/Fast Service/Delivery – 57.1%
  • Coupons/Special Offer + Price – 47.2%
  • Appealing Taste/Quality of Food – 41.5%

Post Pandemic Reality – The Current Economy is Shifting Behavior

Economic factors impacting customer behavior cannot be ignored in planning an effective pizza marketing strategy. Inflation was 8.6% in May 2022 and continues to outpace wage growth. Gasoline is the highest increase consumers are facing at 48.7%. Grocery increased 11.9%, 4.5% higher than restaurants which increased 7.4%. For many consumers who are tightening their spending, dining out becomes the cheaper option as grocery prices are ricing faster than restaurant prices.

Brand preference becomes expendable when a greater perceived value is available – from ANOTHER BRAND. Brands who understand this NEW CONSUMER VALUE EQUATION can generate trial, create preference, and steal share.

Direct Mail Advertising Unlocks the “No Preference” Consumer Segment

Direct Mail is your key to unlocking the “no preference” consumer. In the past 12 months 63% of pizza pickup or delivery customers have responded to ads or coupons in their mailbox.

And across all generations, consumers are devoting quality time to reading their mail, an average of 65%.

Coordinated Exposure Reinforces Preference

60.2% of Pizza Consumers are influenced by Print and Digital Channels, 2.6 points higher than Restaurants overall. Create brand preference and grow share with a pizza marketing strategy that effectively communicates value and unlocks the “no-preference” pizza consumer. Read our case studies to see how other pizza brands have benefitted from this approach, and download our Restaurant Marketing eBook for additional information. Reach out today to plan your strategy.

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