Our Top Furniture Marketing Tips to Engage Shoppers Throughout the Buying Process

Our previous furniture marketing blog post on June 26 reviewed the latest consumer shopping trends. In this post, we are sharing Mspark’s top furniture marketing tips to reach shoppers wherever they are in the buying process:

No. 1 – Accurate, efficient targeting increases results

A marketing strategy that drives results for your business is capable of pinpoint targeting your best potential customers while evaluating performance, optimizing campaigns, and measuring results.

There are three main sources of data used to identify your most relevant audience:

  • Behavioral – behavioral data comes from a person’s internet activity.
  • Location – location data comes from a person’s offline actions based on the locations they have visited.
  • Demographic – demographic data comes from offline purchase behavior, publicly available data, and self-reported data. Learn more about how targeting works.

No. 2 – Direct mail activates consumers

  • 64% of consumers surveyed said direct mail has inspired them to take action, such as visiting a website or a physical store.7
  • 27% of consumers visited a retail location to see a product in person after receiving direct mail. 7

No. 3 – Coordinated exposure influences purchases 

Consumers are likely to make a purchase after receiving both print and digital advertising from a brand, with Gen Z being the most likely.2

No. 4 – Furniture stores need other ways to distribute inserts within their target markets

Since the start of 2023, 152 newspapers have closed. Over 480 newspapers have stopped circulation since 2019. Mspark can reach every one of these closed newspaper markets with mail and digital solutions.

No. 5 – Amplify brand awareness, boost ad recall, and enhance purchase consideration with connected television (CTV)

  • CTV drives engagement and conversions. 75% of CTV viewers have responded to an ad by either visiting a website, searching for more information, or making a purchase. 1
  • With a lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM), CTV ads can be a more affordable alternative than traditional TV ads for furniture marketers aiming to reach specific audiences.

No. 6 – Capitalize on New Movers with strategic furniture marketing

The period of moving to a new home presents a prime opportunity for furniture retailers to connect with potential customers.

  • 44% of movers are looking to purchase furniture for their new homes, and movers spend on average 3.4 times more on furniture and appliances than non-movers.3 
  • 80% of movers do research online when looking for furniture and home goods. 3
  • Of consumers planning to buy furniture related to a move, more than three quarters (77%) make those purchases before or within the first month of moving. 3
  • As many as 82% of movers take note of and engage with direct mail specifically related to their move. 3

To learn more about how furniture retailers are leveraging these solutions to drive customer acquisition and sales, check out our case studies. Click “get started” below to connect with an expert to discuss your goals.

Sources: Porch/LOB 20231; USPS Mail Moments 20222; Porch Group 20243