New Movers are a Prime Grocery and Pharmacy Marketing Opportunity


Make a Great First Impression on New Movers 

New movers are 5x more likely to become long-term clients than non-movers—a significant grocery and pharmacy marketing opportunity to gain customers for life.

Did you know?


  • 90% of movers are willing to try new brands. This audience is more open to new experiences.
  • Groceries are consistently ranked in the top 3 most urgent items purchased when moving.


  • 86% of New Movers Switch to a New Pharmacy.
  • Nearly 75% of consumers would switch pharmacies to save on prescriptions; 38% would make the move for as little as $10.

Speed is key—it is critical to reach new movers to your markets first with targeted, triggered campaigns that put your message in their hands ahead of your competitors.

Reach Your Target Audience Ahead of Competitors

Mspark’s Quick Connect New Mover program utilizes a list that is updated with a daily data feed and provided to our printer, enabling new pieces to enter the mail stream utilizing the updated list within 24 hours.

First-class postage ensures the fastest delivery times available for your message. Other mover programs use 3rd class mail which typically takes a week or more to arrive.


Reach 15% More New Movers with Quick Connect

Because our mover list is compiled from multiple data sources, we help you reach 15% more movers than competing mover programs. These triggers are based on consumer actions in the marketplace and the timing of when they take these actions

  • National Change of Address (NCOA) – Only 30% of movers complete an NCOA. Mover programs that rely on this as their data point miss up to 70% of new movers.  Additionally, these forms being completed is reliant on the consumer, meaning they can occur at any time pre or post move.  This creates an issue with the timeliness of the data and where they are in the moving process.
  • Utility, Phone and Cable connects create a higher quality data source as these are standard services established by movers and some of the first steps completed after purchasing a home.


Reaching 15% more movers can mean more revenue for your grocery store or pharmacy!

Learn more about how mover marketing with Quick Connect can help you gain customers for life in our case studies. For additional grocery marketing insights, download our eBook. We’re available to chat when you’re ready to take the next step.

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Fitness Club Generates 335% ROAS with New Mover Campaign



  • Operating 6 different locations in central AL, a regional fitness club wanted to capitalize on the new movers coming to their target market during the spring and summer months to increase new annual members at one of their locations.
  • Client Success Metric: Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


  • Trigger-Based New Mover Postcard targeting client’s key geography over 5-month period.
  • Offer: First personalized workout is FREE
  • Key Takeaways: 
    • Targeting New Movers with an integrated approach leads to higher response rates and CTR’s.
    • Client continued to utilize this marketing tactic after seeing initial results to capitalized on new movers
      coming to the area.

The Results


return on ad spend


total annualized return


new memberships

Dental Practice Generates 382% ROAS Targeting New Movers



  • Opening their doors in early 2020, this local dental practice needed to acquire new patients quickly, while establishing their brand presence as a holistic practice that can treat any oral ailments.
  • Client Success Metric: Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


  • Integrated New Mover Postcard + Geo-Fenced Digital Display targeting new movers surrounding their dental practice.
  • Offer: $89 New Patient Exam, X-rays & Cleaning
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Client added additional marketing tactics after seeing success of the campaign.
    • Targeting New Movers with an integrated approach leads to higher response rates and CTR’s.

The Results


for every $1 spent




website leads


foot-traffic leads in 3 weeks

Furniture Retailer Achieves 875% ROAS By Targeting New Movers 



  • A local furniture retailer was looking for a cost-effective way to attract consumers who had never been in their store to come in and make their furniture purchases with them over the competition.
  • Client Success Metrics: Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


  • Trigger-based New Mover Postcard targeting client’s key geography within delivery area.
  • Offer: 10% OFF entire purchase | Financing Options
  • Key Takeaways: 
    • Reaching movers as early as possible during their decision-making
      process helps gain new customers during a critical, high spend,
      trigger-based purchasing event.
    • Client continues to utilize this New Mover marketing tactic as part of
      their marketing mix.

The Results


for every $1 spent