Move Your Audience to Action with a Multi-Channel Gym Marketing Strategy

One of the hardest hit industries by the COVID-19 pandemic with a 58% decline in 2020, the gym and fitness club industry is poised for a comeback as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and gyms begin welcoming back lapsed members as well as new members across the country. Gym membership is on the rise, and there is no better time to pivot your fitness center or gym marketing strategy to engage fitness-oriented consumers.

After the shutdown of 2020 disrupted fitness routines across the nation, Americans are ready to be active again.

  • Nearly 3/4 of Americans (70%) say that they miss the workout routines that they used to have before COVID hit last year.
  • Now that the world is beginning to return to normal, 85% of Americans are excited to do more physical activities.
    • 43% say that they’ll set new fitness goals that they plan to achieve.
    • More than 33% plan to accomplish their goals away from home such as inside a gym or fitness studio.
  • 24% of fitness club/gym members plan to switch in the next 12 months.

The new year with its resolutions to improve health and fitness is traditionally an optimal time to engage and attract members, but fitness-oriented consumers are ready to put the pandemic slump behind them now. Gym and fitness centers should start advertising now to engage these consumers who are ready to reignite their fitness routines and jump start the new year.

Engage new as well as lapsed or inactive gym and fitness center members by highlighting your amenities and service offerings with a multi-channel marketing approach that drives action. Mspark’s print solutions have developed an unmatched relationship with our audience that enables us to create offer-driven action for our clients.

Did you know?

  • 64% of fitness club/gym members usually read the offers they receive in the mail.
  • 54% of consumers will try a business after receiving a direct mail ad. Millennials are even more likely to try a business in response to a mail ad at 60%.
  • 46% of consumers go online for more information after receiving a direct mail ad. For millennials that percentage increases to 57%.

Our integrated Boost solutions work synergistically to lift response rates by up to 118% and conversion rates by up to 28% with digital ads targeting the same households as your print campaigns.

  • When print is paired with digital media, advertisers see as much as a 30% increase in response.
  • 58% of Gym and Fitness Center members have responded to digital display ads and 61% have responded to offers in the mailbox in the last 12 months.
  • Print and digital media drive 69% of purchase influence.
  • 60% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing an ad offline and online.

We partner with gyms and fitness centers across the country to create integrated marketing solutions to engage consumers consistently as they make purchasing decisions. Our goal is to inform your marketing strategy to drive success. If you’d like to talk through your approach and how your gym or fitness center could benefit from partnering with Mspark, click Get Started below today.

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