Take Flight: Mspark Kicks Off 2023 with Virtual Sales Summit

Mspark kicked off 2023 with a Virtual Sales Summit aimed at equipping our sales team to be even more effective partners for our clients to drive results in 2023. Even though we were unable to meet in person, we recognized our sales team for their tireless work and energy helping our clients achieve their goals in the past year.

The 2023 summit was centered around the theme “Take Flight: Mindset is Everything,” drawing inspiration from the blockbuster film, “Top Gun: Maverick.” “Everything we do at Mspark is with a mindset of delivering value and driving results for our clients and their target consumers. That would not be possible without each Mspark team member playing their part,” Mspark CEO Greg Bogich said. “Congratulations to all our sales award winners and thank you to our clients who inspire us to deliver amazing results every day!”

Most Valuable Leader Award

Ron Bode

National Award Winners

Jeff Swan, Most Valuable Player, Innovation Award, Highest Revenue to Quota

Steve Larson, Rookie of the Year

Jim O’Malley, New Business Revenue

Local Award Winners

Tim Biegger, Most Valuable Player, Duane Wheeler New Business Revenue, Highest Revenue to Quota

Bill Simmons, Innovation Award

Dan Johnson, Rookie of the Year

Sales Partners of the Year

Michelle Powell, Customer Experience Manager

Carole Trimble, Sales Operations Manager


Phil Sahuc, Senior Marketing Strategist

Josh Noyes, Targeting Specialist