Home Services Marketing: More Homeowners are Looking to Upgrade than Move

As interest rates have climbed, more homeowners are choosing to update or remodel their existing homes rather than move—a home services marketing opportunity. A May survey by Discover Home Loans revealed that more than half of homeowners would prefer to renovate than move. During the first quarter of 2024, homeowners spent $463 billion on home renovations. 1

Homeowners Are Making Improvements Inside and Out

What types of renovations are homeowners planning?

Not surprisingly, bathrooms (65%) and kitchens (61%) were the most popular remodeling projects according to a survey of its members released by the National Association of Home Builders Remodelers in May. 2 After kitchens and baths, the most popular remodels requested were:

  • Whole house remodels (50%)
  • Bathroom additions (23%)
  • Windows/doors replacement (22%)
  • Decks (20%)
  • Enclosed/added porch (20%)

Engage Homeowners Looking to Make Improvements

Nationwide, from rural to urban markets, more consumers are planning major home improvements or repairs in the next six months than consumers planning to move.3

Homeowners’ Major Purchase Plans, Next 6 Months

Consumers planning home improvement purchases are influenced by media across both print and digital channels. Mspark’s coordinated media strategy ensures your brand remains top of mind for consumers, expanding your reach and driving response rates. 3

Media Influence on Home Improvement Purchases

Whether your goal is to target all homeowners within your service area, or to engage a more specific niche, Mspark’s data-based targeting capabilities ensure you get the most value from your advertising spend by targeting your highest-value potential customers. Learn more about how Mspark’s targeting capabilities help you make informed business decisions.

Multi-Channel Home Services Marketing Tactics Increase Reach, Response & ROI

Delivering customized, coordinated messaging across your prospects’ preferred advertising channels elevates your brand and increases reach and response, which also increases your advertising ROI.

By combining the persuasive power of digital advertising with the tangible impact of direct mail, we’ve seen response rates soar by up to 450% and conversion rates increase by up 28%.4 Learn more about integrated, multi-channel advertising campaigns.

Direct mail prompts action in person and online:

  • 64% of consumers have taken action in response to direct mail.5
  • 57% of recipients have visited a brand’s website after receiving direct mail. 5
  • More than one-third of recipients have visited a retail location or purchased a product or service in response to direct mail. 5

Capture their attention with offers:

  • 78% of recipients will open/read a single offer or promotion;
  • 77% will open/read multiple offers or promotions.5

Make it personal to increase response:

  • 68% of consumers are more likely to engage with a personalized message from a brand.6
  • 55% of consumers expect mail from brands to be personalized to them in some way. 5

Learn how Mspark’s solutions have helped other home services providers acquire new customers in our case studies. Find more inspiration in our design gallery.

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