Home Services Marketing: Homeowners Are Focused on the Outdoors in 2024

Is focus on the outdoors part of your home services marketing strategy for 2024? Home services contractor System Pavers’ Outdoor Living Trends Index for 2024 revealed that homeowners are focused on outdoor improvements this year.1 The survey asked homeowners to rank the spaces they’d most like to renovate in their homes, from kitchens, to outdoor living spaces, living rooms or bathrooms.

How did they rank?

  • 34% ranked outdoor living space as their top priority.1
  • 33% would choose to renovate their kitchen.1
  • 23% want to start with bathroom improvements.1

62% of consumers in rural markets and 65% of consumers in urban counties plan to spend the same or more on home improvements as they normally spend this time of year.2

Over the next 90 days, do you plan on spending more, the same or less on the following items than you would normally spend at this time of the year?

How can you efficiently target and engage these homeowners with home services marketing and acquire them as new clients?

Consumers planning major home remodeling projects respond to advertising across both print and digital channels.3

  • Streaming TV ad: 79%
  • Ad that plays before or during the video you want to watch: 78%
  • Emailed ad or newsletter: 77%
  • Ads or offers in the mailbox: 77%
  • Internet banner ad: 76%

In the rural markets Mspark serves, consumers planning home improvement projects respond to ads across print and digital channels.4

Utilize a targeted, multi-channel home services marketing approach with personalized, compelling offers to help achieve your goals.

Offers capture attention:

  • 78% of recipients will open/read a single offer or promotion;
  • 77% will open/read multiple offers or promotions.4

Personalization increases response:

  • 68% of consumers are more likely to engage with a personalized message from a brand.5
  • 55% of consumers expect mail from brands to be personalized to them in some way. 4

Direct mail prompts action in person and online:

  • 64% of consumers have taken action in response to direct mail.4
  • 57% have visited a brand’s website after receiving direct mail. 4
  • More than one-third of recipients have visited a retail location or purchased a product or service in response to direct mail. 4

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