Dental Marketing: Remind Patients to Use Benefits by Year End or Lose Them


As we enter the final months of the year, there is a dental marketing opportunity to remind your existing and prospective patients to schedule their second cleaning or other treatments before remaining benefits expire with the new year. According to EBRI’S FSA database, 44% of people leave an average of $370 on the table in unused benefits.

Mspark’s team of experts will develop a strategic program that targets, engages and activates patients in your area to ensure no one loses valuable benefits.

Dental procedure patients have acted on advertising across a variety of channels in the past 12 months.

  • 62% have responded to ads or offers in the mailbox
  • 58% have responded to an emailed ad or newsletter
  • 52% have responded to a streaming TV ad
  • 49% have responded to a pre-roll video ad
  • 47% have responded to an internet banner ad

Leverage the most effective media to target your current and prospective patients, eliminating wasted ad spend.

Drive Down the Cost Per Patient by Utilizing Our Cost-effective Direct Mail Solutions

Reach your consumers with a different piece for your offers and promotions for either general hygiene or high-value procedures by sending a high-visibility postcard sharing your limited-time offers and pricing.

Boost underperforming locations by utilizing this standalone piece to get an aggressive offer in front of consumers to increase traffic and location awareness.

Utilize Our New Mover Program to Be the First to Reach New Movers in Need of a Dentist

The Mspark New Mover program is our fast-to-market direct mail postcard and digital advertising solution to reach consumers within 2-3 days. In addition to the postcard, these same homes are targeted with digital display advertisements for 30 days.

Our new mover data has the most up-to-date records from multiple sources that are updated daily and weekly, unlike other programs.

Accelerate Customer Growth with Our Acquisition Email Solution

As a stand-alone program or in conjunction with Mspark’s print solution, our acquisition email campaigns drive new customer engagement with unmatched efficiency and ROI.

Use our robust, industry-leading database of verified users and list suppression capabilities to target new patients while eliminating waste and duplication.

Amplify customer engagement by delivering highly personalized messaging during the weeks, days and day parts that drive the best response for your practice.

Results are trackable, measurable, and you will receive metric dashboards to analyze your campaign’s performance after each deployment.

Reach out today by clicking Get Started below to start planning your campaign.

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