CPG Marketing Strategies to Elevate Your Brand Among Rural Consumers

Obtain unmatched reach for your brand with a CPG marketing strategy with access to 25 million+ households, consumers who regularly shop your key retail partners. The rural markets Mspark serves represent:

  • 1,773 stores
  • Nearly 70% reach in rural markets and small towns
  • 28% of these consumers prefer shopping at Walmart.1

Reach Rural App Shoppers with the Most Effective Media

Did you know?

14.4% of U.S. adults use at least 10 loyalty apps regularly. In the rural markets Mspark serves, adoption of the Walmart+ shopping app is trending upward, from 8% of consumers surveyed in January 2021 to 18% in January 2024.1

Of the rural consumers who are Walmart+ app users, 28% have been members for less than a year, while 23% have had memberships for 3 or more years. These consumers are more likely to be females between the ages of 25-54 who own their own home, with an annual household income of $25K-$100K.1

What motivates app shoppers to act?

Shopping app users respond to advertising across a variety of print and digital channels.2

Create Trial and Preference for Consumers with No Brand Preference

As inflation has driven prices up over the past two years, consumers are prioritizing value over brand preference. For example, in the CPG categories of bath soap, anti-perspirant, and shampoo, “no preference” ranks higher than popular brands. 1

Engaging these consumers with targeted direct mail can increase trial of your brand to acquire new customers. The percentage of consumers who engage with Health & Beauty brands in response to marketing mail has grown, from 12% in 2021 to 20% in 2023. Gen Z is the most responsive age group, with 42% of marketing mail recipients trying a new health and beauty brand.3

Percentage of Consumers who Tried a New Health & Beauty Brand in Response to Marketing Mail

In a world full of digital noise where we are constantly bombarded with on-screen ads, consumers are taking time to read advertising mail—60% read through the advertising mail they receive. In response to marketing mail, many recipients go online to learn more about a brand. 3

Direct mail prompts consumers to act in three key ways:

No. 1 – 40% Investigate a Brand

  • Visit the website.4
  • Search for the brand/product/service online. 4
  • Explore the brand or service’s social media. 4

No. 2 – 33% Research a Brand

  • Read product or service reviews4
  • Visit another website to look for the product or service advertised. 4
  • Read feedback and reviews to see what others think. 4

No. 3 – 27% Activate

  • Visit a retail location to see a product in person. 4
  • Sign up for a service or purchase a product. 4
  • In the past 6 months, more than half (52%) of respondents have tried a new product, service, or establishment after receiving marketing mail. 3

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