Case Study: Regional Chain Adds Mail to Its Grocery Marketing Strategy to Reach More Shoppers

A leading regional chain was reaching fewer households with its weekly grocery marketing circular due to declining newspaper circulation. Seeking to increase their reach beyond newspapers and gain an edge over competitors, they turned to shared mail.

The grocery chain partnered with Mspark to replace lost newspaper coverage with targeted shared mail inserts. By targeting ZIPs and sub-ZIPs within a 5-mile radius of each of 14 store locations, the grocer was able to reach 355,000 households each month—more than their previous newspaper-only distribution.

Case Study Results:

The grocery chain saw a 2% – 3% lift in sales monthly after launching the mail advertising campaign.

  • Annual Revenue Generated: $604,800
  • Client Investment: $211,176
  • Return on Investment: $393,624

View the full case study below:

Key Grocery Marketing Takeaways

Targeted shared mail inserts provided a simple, cost-effective platform to attract customers to store locations. This enabled the retailer to meet their aggressive sales goals. Effective targeting ensures you reach your most valuable prospects, making the most of your advertising investment. Learn more about how targeting works.

High-visibility Targeted Inserts in the Mailbox Increase Engagement Among Customers

  • 64% of consumers surveyed said direct mail has inspired them to take action, such as visiting a website or a physical store.1
  • 27% of consumers visited a retail location to see a product in person after receiving direct mail.1

Mspark’s mail and digital solutions offer a more effective way for grocery marketing campaigns to reach consumers in their target markets.

Coordinated Exposure Across Print and Digital Channels Boosts Your Marketing Campaign Performance

  • 60% of consumers are prompted to online activity after receiving direct mail.2
  • Digital advertising + mail can increase response rates up to 450% and increase conversion rates up to 28%.3

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