Boost Your ROI Through Integrated Marketing Campaigns Anchored with Direct Mail 

Mspark’s print solutions have developed an unmatched relationship with our audience that is synonymous with value and enables us to create offer-driven action for our clients. We are always looking for integrated marketing solutions that build on the proven response rates of our direct mail tactics to increase results and ROI for our clients.   

 Our new, fully integrated, strategically timed and highly measurable mail and digital pairings (including display, video and OTT/CTV ads) solve a wide range of modern marketing challenges for our clients. 

 With our new Mspark Direct Mail Boost solutions, we can effectively increase the reach and frequency of our clients’ mail campaigns, creating up to 118% lift in response rates and up to 28% lift In conversion rates through direct mail and targeted digital display ads.  This is accomplished through a direct mail campaign that applies addressable geofencing, reaching the same homes with both print and digital ads to amplify your results!  

 Our data-driven targeting further enhances your campaign results, ensuring your campaigns reach the right customer at the right time through their mailbox and their devices for maximum effectiveness and ROI. Online performance reporting along with foot traffic attribution give you even more visibility into the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, helping you assess results and improve future campaigns. 

How can Mspark’s Direct Mail Boost integrated marketing solution help your business drive more response?  

Ready to get started?  It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Discuss your marketing objectives with your Mspark contact to identify the right audience and integrated solution
  2. Mspark’s award winning creative team will create powerful creative for your campaign – designed to drive results
  3. Launch the campaign and review program results and opportunities to optimize your next campaign!

Learn moreabout how you can boost your advertising results through our integrated marketing solutions,  and read a few of our case studies below.


Furniture and Bedding Retailer


A furniture and bedding company with 6 retail locations was looking to grow sales by marketing to new movers coming into their markets. Another objective was to drive more online traffic to their website as shopping has shifted more to e-commerce, and online competition has grown.


  • Identified the client’s key geography and utilized our primary data sources to set up a monthly subscription-based integrated new mover marketing program.
  • Fast-to-market trigger-based Quick Response postcard reached targeted consumer mailboxes within 2-3 days of move-in.
  • Addressable geofencing digital ads deployed over the course of the campaign, targeting the same households, starting 1-2 days before the direct mail piece hit the mailbox.
  • Results were tracked by monitoring website traffic, as well as foot traffic attribution for all locations.

The Results

72% CTR

7x greater than industry average

Drove 211

website visits


foot-traffic conversions

Dental Practice - Defending Market Share by Blunting Competitors


In business for more than 10 years, a single dental practice with two providers was looking to protect their market share by blunting their competitors and increasing the number of new patients.


  • We used a data-driven approach to identify the best carrier routes to target based on income and families.
  • After three successful direct mail campaigns in Q1 of 2021, the client was interested in integrating addressable geofencing (AGF) digital display ads into their future mailings
  • We hyper-targeted the best households and deployed digital ads over the course of the campaign, during which the consumer also would receive an Impact Postcard in the mail.
  • After the initial campaign, we tracked the success of the campaign by monitoring website traffic, as well as foot traffic attribution.

The Results


Doubled patient acquisition when the client integrated AGF digital ads into existing direct mail campaigns


CTR - 50% greater than industry average

Regional Pizza Chain


A regional pizza chain was looking to target households and drive traffic to their locations in a campaign spanning across four months.

Our Approach

  • Identified the client’s key geography to build out both direct mail and digital components of the campaign utilizing Targeted Inserts + Addressable Geofencing (AGF) Digital Display
  • For digital, we targeted the full direct mail list with about a 99% match rate
  • The direct mail pieces dropped at the end of each campaign month. Digital ads targeting the same households deployed over the course of the campaign, starting 1-2 days before the direct mail piece hit the mailbox.
  • Campaign results were tracked by monitoring website traffic, as well as foot traffic attribution at all locations.

The Results


Million Impressions


CTR, 2x greater than the industry average


Website visits and 15k foot traffic conversions