10 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing is a Core Component of Today’s Strategic Mix

A digital-only strategy leaves eyeballs—and revenue—on the table. Learn 10 reasons why direct mail marketing is a core component of today’s strategic mix.

The pandemic made an already virtual world even more so—remote learning, remote working, online shopping, and online food and grocery ordering. Many advertisers also increased their digital strategies to reach consumers. While digital ads can be an effective part of any marketing mix, they don’t manage audience attention like the tactile interaction of a printed piece. A digital-only strategy leaves eyeballs—and revenue—on the table.

The Case for Direct Mail Marketing

Research proves that for optimal results, a strategic marketing mix needs a print component as part of a coordinated, multi-channel strategy. Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. It relieves digital fatigue—75% of consumers surveyed said they see an overwhelming number of digital ads daily.
  2. It delivers high ROI—Direct mail has the highest ROI of any direct marketing channel according to the ANA’s 2021 Response Rate Report.
  3. It drives website visits—60% of consumers surveyed visited an advertiser’s website in response to direct mail.
  4. It raises awareness—44% of survey respondents said direct mail made them more aware of a brand.
  5. It moves consumers on the path to purchase—39% of consumers surveyed said they had made a purchase after receiving direct mail.
  6. It prompts recipients to try a new product or service. Respondents to the latest USPS survey reported trying a new product or service in response to direct mail within the past six months.
  7. It has a longer shelf life—70% of consumers look at ads they receive in the mail and keep them an average of 14.5 days.
  8. Consumers like it—72% of survey participants said they feel positive about receiving direct mail.
    – 62% said it usually offers them a good deal
    – 46% said it gives them relevant information
    The key takeaway here: personalize it! Target customers and prospects with relevant offers based on their purchase history or likelihood to do business with you.
  9. It appeals to consumers of all ages, but especially younger consumers. Percentage of each age group who engage with at least 3 out of every 10 pieces of direct mail they receive:
    – Gen Z, 42%
    – Millennials, 60%
    – Gen X, 52%
    – Baby Boomers, 18%
  10. It increases response rates up to 118% and conversion rates up to 28% when combined with digital ads as part of a coordinated campaign.

The Bottom Line

Direct mail marketing is a core component of today’s multi-channel mix, driving response and ROI across a wide range of industries and consumer age groups. Reach out today to connect with an expert familiar with your industry who can discuss your marketing goals.

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