Auto Services Marketing: Opportunity Awaits Tire & Auto Service Providers in 2022

Auto Services Marketing: Don’t miss the opportunity that awaits Tire & Auto Service Providers in 2022.     

In 2022, the average age of used vehicles on the road in the U.S. hit a new record high at 12.2 years. Additionally, vehicle mileage returned to pre-pandemic levels in 2021, with drivers averaging 12,300 miles last year, according to an S&P Global Mobility Report released in May. This uptick in vehicle age and miles driven presents a powerful opportunity for automotive services providers.

“Coupled with increasing average age, strong average vehicle miles traveled points to the potential for a notable increase in repair revenue in the coming year,” according to Todd Campau, associate director of aftermarket solutions at S&P Global Mobility.

Connect with consumers needing automotive services through a targeted, coordinated media strategy that connects with your potential customers across a variety of channels and touch points to drive results. In the past year, oil change and routine auto service customers in the U.S. have responded to ads across a variety of media channels:

  • 57% have responded to ads or coupons in the mailbox
  • 48% have responded to a streaming television ad
  • 47% have responded to an internet banner ad
  • 46% have responded to a pre-roll video ad

Extend Reach & Response with Multichannel Automotive Services Marketing Campaigns

Because consumers in Mspark markets trust our print solutions to provide value, we are able to create offer-driven action for our clients. Our print advertising solutions deliver consistently high response rates and are the foundation of an effective multichannel marketing strategy. Complementary digital campaigns increase reach and response of your messages.

Did you know?

Print campaigns drive 11% purchase intent compared to only 4% by digital campaigns alone—that’s a 175% increase in purchase intent when digital campaigns are anchored with print.

Print is also effective at driving traffic online: 61% of consumers visited a retailer’s website after receiving a print ad.

The combination of print and digital is a powerful tool that increases awareness and retention and drives results.

  • When consumers see both print and digital ads, they are more likely to notice the ad (52%) and—more importantly—to remember the message (52%).
  • Increase response as much as 30% by pairing print and digital ads.
  • 60% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing an ad offline and online.

Harness the power of multichannel campaigns to acquire new oil change and routine auto service customers in 2022. See how Mspark’s print and digital solutions have benefitted other automotive services providers in our case studies. Reach out today to plan your automotive services marketing strategy.

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