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Drive Results and Grow Your Business with Shared Mail

What are the Benefits for My Business?

  • Shared mail is very cost-effective advertising option at typically 1/3 the cost of other direct mail options.

  • Yields greater return on your advertising investment due to lower cost.

  • Provides excellent market coverage in every mailing.

  • Precision targeting options are available to reach your best customers and prospects.

  • Ability to run acquisition and retention messages in the same piece.

  • Customized integrated marketing plan for your business.

  • All-inclusive price for design, printing, advertising costs, postage, and delivery.

A Little Shared Mail History

Shared mail is a relatively “new” concept that came about in the 1980’s. The United States Postal Service passed a ruling that allowed multiple advertisers to share the cost of mailing by combining their ads into one package. This ruling opened the door for direct mail companies to provide businesses with a cost-effective and efficient way to deliver their message to current and potential customers. In fact, the cost of advertising in a shared mail package can be as low as pennies per household.

What’s the Difference Between Shared Mail and Direct Mail?

We get asked this question a lot! Shared mail is actually a form of direct mail. With shared mail, your direct mail piece is sent in a package where you get to share the cost of postage with other advertisers. What’s the big deal about that? As mentioned above, shared mail lowers your total cost of advertising which helps to increase your return on advertising investment.

One thing that is not different, however, is your ability to target your best customers. Depending on the piece type you choose to mail, we can saturate a Wrap zone (a set of contiguous zip codes), target specific zip codes, target smaller areas within a large zip code, target a carrier route (a carrier route is defined as a group of addresses that a mail carrier can deliver to in a single day) and even target messaging at the household level.

Is Shared Mail Right for My Business?

If you are wondering if shared mail is right for your business, the answer is yes. Many different kinds of businesses utilize shared mail to advertise their products and services with great success. You will see everything from national companies like Walmart, Pizza Hut, Geico and Arby’s, to regional chains like Milo’s Hamburgers and Piggly Wiggly, as well as popular local businesses just around the corner from your neighborhood using shared mail to reach their customers.

Shared Mail Solutions for Your Business

We have three main shared direct mail solutions that you can utilize as part of an integrated marketing campaign to bring new and existing customers through your doors or to your website: the Impact Postcard Solution, the Wrap Solution, and Targeted Insert Solution. These highly customizable advertising solutions can be tailored to your specific needs and targeted to your best customers as well as your most likely new customers.

Already have a circular and direct mail piece printed? We can add your preprinted insert to our shared direct mail package, covering any level of geography down to the carrier route, which will save you money when compared to other direct mail options. Learn more about our preprint distribution options here.

The Impact Postcard Solution

Increase response rates and ROI with targeting down to the household level using our high-visibility Impact Postcard Solution. What sets our Impact Postcard apart from other direct mail postcard options? When we send out our shared direct mail package, your Impact Postcard mails outside the package. This means that your message will receive the benefit of looking like a stand-alone piece at a fraction of the cost of traditional postcard delivery.

The Impact Postcard is ideal for special events, acquisition and retention with options to saturate areas with the same message or target specific households with a unique message, creative and offers. For even greater impact, add-ons such as magnets, scratch offs and even punch cards are available.

Learn More About Impact Postcard Solution 

The Wrap Solution

The Wrap Solution is a high-visibility saturation product that allows you to cost-effectively promote your business to an entire market. The Wrap Solution contains all of the other inserts we send (except the Impact Postcard), so it’s the first part of our direct mail package that a person sees in their mailbox. This places your business front and center and showcases your products and services. The reach and frequency of your campaign increase even more with the addition of complementary digital ads targeted to the same audience to set the stage for the arrival of your printed piece.

Learn More About Our Wrap Solution

Targeted Insert Solution

Available in 9 sizes to meet your needs and budget, our Targeted Insert Solution allows you to target the consumers most likely to do business with you all the way down to the carrier route level. The Targeted Insert Solution includes a two-sided, full color piece that features only your business along with digital display ads. We have sizes ranging from standard inserts all the way up to mega inserts to meet any need.

Learn More About Our Insert Solution

Preprinted Insert Distribution

Do you already have a direct mail piece designed and printed? We can add your preprinted insert to our shared direct mail package, which will save you money when compared to other direct mail options. Targetable from the full market all the way down to the carrier route, this distribution option allows you to reach your ideal customer with your printed insert.

Learn More About Our Preprinted Insert Solution

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