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Direct Mail Advertising Solutions to Meet Your Marketing Goals

Along with offering shared mail solutions, we offer direct mail advertising options in which yours is the only business featured on your mail piece. These direct mail marketing solutions include our trigger-based marketing solution, Quick Response, and our Solo Mail marketing solutions.

Quick Response Trigger-Based Marketing

When you need to reach your customers quickly, the Quick Response Program is an ideal solution, capable of reaching your target audience in as little as 2-3 days.

This trigger-based, fast-to-market solution can target consumers down to the household level. It’s an ideal way to respond to changing market conditions or to utilize a mailing list to target a highly valuable audience. With Quick Response, your multi-channel message and offer are seen when it matters most around key purchasing periods.

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Key Benefits of the Quick Response Program

  • Trigger-based marketing allows you to target consumers within 2-3 days with a uniquely relevant message during a high-spending period
  • Stand-alone, high-quality postcard will grab attention while addressable geofencing digital ads increase reach and frequency
  • Re-engage your customers by using a client mailing list or saturate a route to acquire new
  • Reach a highly valuable audience by using one of our targeted list programs, and run a set it and forget it trigger marketing subscription program to continuously capture new customers

Learn more about how Quick Response can benefit your business on our Trigger-Based Marketing Page  and about the opportunity to use Quick Response to capture new movers first on our New Mover Program page.


Quick Response Furniture Retailer Case Study

A furniture retailer was looking for a cost-effective way to attract consumers who had never been in their stores to come in and make their furniture purchases from them over the competition.

Our Approach

  • Utilize Mspark’s Quick Response Program to strategically target New Movers in their delivery area.
  • Set up a frequency campaign to mail a personally addressed postcard that will hit the new mover’s mailboxes within 2-3 days of being triggered.
  • Utilize a strong offer of 10% off entire purchase that addresses the New Mover directly and features financing options as well.

The Results


in retail sales directly connected to Quick Response during the program period.


in sales for every $1 spent on advertising

Solo Direct Mail Marketing

Mspark’s Solo Direct Mail Solutions are offered as an alternative if our Shared Mail Package can’t meet specific needs. Solo Mail solution differs from our shared mail solutions in that only one advertiser is featured, and traditional direct mail costs are covered entirely by one advertiser. While these products can be more expensive, we offer a variety of sizes featuring your business that can mail on any in-home date.

Why choose Solo Direct Mail?

  • Date alignment – you need to mail outside the regular monthly delivery window of our shared mail package
  • Niched target audiences – you have a specific list of targets or other special parameters
  • No shared mail coverage – your target audience is not in the shared mail coverage area

Strategic Applications

  • Special events such as grand openings: Be in your consumer’s mailbox within a few days of your grand opening or other big event. Solo direct mail products give you the ability to choose your in-home date when our shared mail distribution doesn’t align.
  • Eliminate waste for clients with niched target audiences who won’t benefit from a general brand awareness message. Industries like pool supply companies are a great example of those who won’t benefit from saturation mailings.
  • Increase advertising frequency in markets where shared mail only runs on end-of-month dates. If your company needs to be in the mailbox every week, we can combine your Shared Mail campaign with a Solo Direct Mail campaign to maximize your coverage and reduce costs.

Solo Direct Mail Postcards

We offer solo direct mail postcards in several sizes that provide solutions for all client types and messages. Our solo mail targeting options help you target your best audience whether you mail to specific lists or saturate at the route level to save on postage. We can also offer these postcards in conjunction with a shared mail campaign to make the most of your advertising budget. Our solo mail postcards come in the following size options:

Basic Postcard
Piece Size: 8.5″x5″

Standard Postcard
Piece Size: 8.5″x11″

Value Postcard
Piece Size: 11″x5.67″

Oversize Postcard
Piece Size: 11″x15″

Solo Direct Mail Circular Distribution

We also offer circular distribution and can mail your circular to potential and loyal customers in the same mailing or stick to a single list mailing if you have a smaller niched audience you want to hit with this larger advertisement. Our standalone circular acts as a brochure flyer with multiple pages to promote various products and promotions. Design services are included, should you need help creating your printed piece.

Tri-fold Circular
Piece Size: 17″x11″ folded to 5.75″x11″

Custom Solo Direct Mail Solutions

If you don’t see what you are looking for, reach out and we can custom quote other direct mail products to meet your goals. Postage and printing prices will vary based on destination geography, piece type, and size.

Solo Direct Mail Multi-Channel Case Study


A furniture retailer needed a marketing solution that would allow them to stand out from the competition and engage consumers on Black Friday.


  • Mailed a postcard to targeted carrier routes surrounding the store location with a propensity to purchase furniture.
  • Featured attractive offers: $99 door buster sofa (reg. $499); aggressive discounts storewide

The Results


Black Friday sales and record store sales.


Doorbuster sales sold


the store’s business over the previous year’s Black Friday Event

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