Come Work With Us!

Here at Mspark, you are more than just an employee. You become a member of our family from the day you start your career here with us.


Come Work With Us!

Here at Mspark, you are more than just an employee. You become a member of our family from the day you start your career here with us.


Mspark won a Top-10 Finalist Award in 2017 and 2018 “Best Places to Work in Birmingham” contests. Read the story by clicking the button below.


Check out some of the advantages of starting a career with us:

  • You will have the opportunity to learn and grow in your career. Our leadership is committed to developing the best people, processes, and infrastructure possible to support our customers.

  • We have excellent benefits and great leadership in the HR department that is always looking for ways to improve the quality of our medical, dental, and 401k options, along with all of our other benefits.

  • Our Town Halls are a blast! These meetings are held quarterly where we get fed lunch and get to hear from our CEO as well as other members of the leadership team. They share everything from company news and financial performance, to giving out years of service recognition and Core Values awards.

  • We know how to throw a party. Have a look at of the photos below to see our many events we have during the year. From the “Dude Day” cookout, to the Dear Jack Foundation Fundraiser that included a food fight and dunking tank, to one of the best company Halloween parties in town, to the 12 Days of Christmas, we make sure that we play just as hard as we work.

  • We have a gym stocked with exercise equipment, and a large breakroom with Avenue C, just in case you did not have time to pack your lunch that morning, or you need a dose of caffeine in the afternoon.

Our Core Values

One of the main reasons we have such a great atmosphere here at Mspark is that we are led by a set of Core Values. These values are not just a poster on the wall, we use these values to guide our interactions with customers and our fellow employees. At every Town Hall, 6 of our people get presented with one of the Core Values awards by our CEO, Steve Mitzel, in front of the entire company. The winners have been nominated by their peers to receive an award for demonstrating a particular Core Value. These coveted awards are not just a piece of paper, either. There is a t-shirt, and gift certificate or tickets to an event personalized by the interests of the person receiving the award.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Hear from current Mspark employees on how they feel about working here.

“I’ve been in the workforce for 30 years.  I can say without a doubt that Mspark is the best company that I have ever worked for.  I am able to be creative every day, feel appreciated, and have the trust and support of management, which is hard to come by these days.  The people and the atmosphere make it feel like home.”

12 Years at Mspark

Deanna McLean, Digital Art Director

“One of my favorite things about Mspark is the opportunity for career growth. In my time with Mspark, I’ve been part of a few different teams. That experience has offered me the chance to learn new things and develop my skills.”

8 Years at Mspark

Claire Connolly, Marketing Operations Manager

“The thing I most enjoy about Mspark is the family atmosphere. People are always smiling, and having fun with their job. I believe when you enjoy what you do, and enjoy the people around you, productivity is much higher. If you think about it, you spend more time at your job than you do at your home so a great work family is VERY important and that’s what we have here at Mspark.”

4 Years at Mspark

Spence Latimer, Account Manager

“I enjoy working with my great teammates who are smart, respectful and friendly, which makes it easier and fun to deal with the challenging work.”

10 Years at Mspark

Nishant KC, Senior GIS Database Analyst

“I love the variety and that my job challenges me in different ways. I get to interact with various departments, which allows me to continue to grow in knowledge. My co-workers and management team are social, knowledgeable and caring. We’re family!”

7 Years at Mspark

Amber Bradshaw, Senior Marketing Coordinator

“I enjoy working for Mspark because we are passionate, highly engaged and fun.  From the front entrance to the back door, we value all the diversity, ideas and feedback so that we are always looking to improve for the better.”

6 Years at Mspark

William Scott, Recruiting Manager

“Mspark is truly a unique company in the way that it cares for its employees and provides a family atmosphere. Although everyone has a different role or department they work in and there is a large number of employees, social events and quarterly meetings help us to keep a tight knit group. I value the friendships I’ve made while working at Mspark and am proud to be part of such a friendly and supportive culture.”

7 Years at Mspark

Noel Conway, Art Director

“Mspark is a wonderful place to grow!  There is no shortage of people to learn from and you are not locked into one area of the company if you wish to further your career.  If you’re willing to work hard and collaborate, you will be met with opportunities for advancement and learning.”

12 Years at Mspark

Laura Horton, Marketing Product Manager

“I enjoy working at Mspark because of the work life/home life balance. Mspark understands that employees have families, and the flexible environment is awesome.”

7 Years at Mspark

Drew Bradshaw, National Account Manager

“One of the reasons I enjoy working at Mspark is the associates.  I have learned the quality and even quantity of work we produce can often times be determined by our environment.  It’s nice to work with associates who take pride in their work and who truly care about our clients.  Associates who will work late, come in early and even miss corporate functions if it means getting the job done on time and getting it done with the excellence that Mspark is known for.”

10 Years at Mspark

Vera Blackmon, Human Resources Representative

“My favorite thing about working with Mspark is the amount of support I receive from all departments, on all levels, to ensure I am able to provide my clients unparalleled service. Mspark makes it possible to provide ‘agency like services’ without the fee.”

5 Years at Mspark

Tiffany Kearley, Strategic Account Executive

“Family – Other companies may speak of it, but at Mspark we live it. I do not know of any other company that has such a genuine interest in the care and advancement of its employees, both in and out of the office.”

7 Years at Mspark

Callie Finney, Marketing Coordinator

“Mspark is a team from top to bottom that works together to accomplish one goal, putting quality advertisements for our customers into the mailbox every month. When that month is done, we do it all again. We learn from our mistakes and strive to do it better each time, month after month, year after year. We are successful because we work to make our clients successful. Our clients are successful because we care about them and we care about each other.”

20 Years at Mspark

Rob Reisert, Senior Account Executive

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